Everything is Bigger in Texas

Yeah, I’ve been very busy. Awesomely so! I have been taking my friends to see our fair city and surroundings. Monday I took them shopping, and as a reward my friend made the sauerbraten. I had wonderful dreams of gravy that night. Tuesday they were a bit under the weather, so we hung out at home. Wednesday, though, we hit downtown like a tornado. Because THE ALAMO, that’s why!!

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So we arrive, and parking is a pain in the hind quarters, but we manage to snag a primo spot. We walk down and begin our tour of the mission, taking note of the many countries represented during the battle. Oddly, there was a professional harpist playing in the middle of the building, but I figured they wanted mood music. Personally, I think folk music would have been more appropriate, but what do I know? So, we tour the barracks area, and stop to gawk at the outrageous prices at the gift shop, and then cross the street to go down to the Riverwalk. It was a nice day, a bit overcast and cool, but thankfully, the walk was almost deserted. YAY!! And it wouldn’t be a good time without Mexican food, right, RIGHT? So yes, we had Tex-Mex food, and were serenaded by Mariachis, and then we wandered around some more to let the food settle, or we would explode. We did the obligatory cheap souvenir shopping, and meandered back up the way we came in. As we climbed the stairs to the street, we got a surprise: a film crew was set up!! I had no idea this was going to happen, so it was a pleasant surprise for my friends. The scene was that of a gal in a tight fitting, very short, sleeveless red dress crossing the street towards the Alamo.

Keep in mind it was about 55* Fahrenheit and most of the “extras” were in jackets, sweatshirts, and long sleeves. But what do you expect from a cinematic masterpiece called Killer Women, huh???

So that was our day yesterday. This morning I had to take them to see the most wondrous boots in the whole world!!

North Star Boots

Because it’s not enough to have cowboy boots. We have to have GIANT cowboy boots.

Everything is bigger in Texas 😉

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