Daily Archives: March 29, 2013

When Excuses Become Reasons

One of the most awesome things about my German friend is the fact that she loves, LOVES to cook. I mean it. The woman is a marvel in the kitchen. But one drawback is that we have nine people in the house, of which four eat like eight, which means cooking large amounts of food.

And that, my friends, is a reason to buy a bigger pot.


Yes, meine Freunde, I have the opportunity– nay, the obligation, to purchase a new Le Creusetâ„¢ dutch oven. Besides, it was my anniversary this past week, so there’s another reason to get it.

How many excuses is that now?

Doesn’t matter. I’m off the get my new pot, because my friend is in need of it like RIGHT NOW!! And who am I to impede her culinary artistry?? 😉