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Old Habits Don’t Die, Ever

You know, sometimes I am amazed at how old habits from my youth still persist on surfacing.

Yesterday I had the TV on in the background while I was cleaning up, and the new version of The Thing came on. Eh, it’s ok, but not really the type of movie I enjoy watching, so it’s a good thing I wasn’t really watching it. I didn’t even give it a thought, but then after it was over, John Carpenter’s The Thing came on.

The stuff of...what the screaming Hades IS that??

The stuff of…what the screaming Hades IS that??

I tried. I really, really tried to change the channel. I just….couldn’t. I was frozen (heh!) to the screen as the story unfolded for the upteenth time. In my opinion, that is still one of the most frightening films ever made. Why? Not because of the Creature. Not because of the gore. Not because of the screaming and agony.

No. The reason that movie is so scary is the very last scene. After MacReady (Kurt Russell) blows up the Creature and the whole area, he is sitting outside, and Childs (Keith David) walks up. And as they speak I notice one detail: MacReady’s breath fogs, but Childs’ doesn’t!!!! And the last lines say a lot, too:

Childs: What do we do?

MacReady: Why don’t we just wait here for a while… see what happens.

I know now that HE knows, and that just scares the life out of me. Every. Single. Time. I should know better than to watch a John Carpenter movie. They never end well.

Anyway, the evening comes to an end, and we all prepare for bed, and as I lay there waiting for sleep to come, I picture the entire movie in my head once again, and feel anxiety starting to rise, and fear gripping my chest, and so I do what every single normal kid has done to ward off those hellish visions of doom.

I cover my head with my blanket and feel myself relax, the fear subside, and all’s right with my world.

Because every kid knows: a blanket can take on every monster and creature single-handed. It works every time 😉

Double Takes

This morning I had to take Son over to school for the annual ROTC Field Day. It was early so not a lot of traffic about, but plenty of people walking their dogs. And as I drove by one lady, I had to do a double take. She looked a lot like her dog. Or rather, the dog looked a lot like her. It’s a toss up. The tragedy of it is, it was a little pug. And the lady did not look all that happy, at all.

baby and dog alike

At first I thought that was just a fluke, and then I saw a man jogging with his dog. He had an English Shepherd, and his salt and pepper mane matched his dog’s. It was hypnotic to watch their hair bounce rhythmically.

But then it got me to thinking…. I have two dogs, one of which is “mine”. She is a Lab/ Staffordshire mix. The other one is a Shetland Sheepdog, also known as a Sheltie. The big dog is a sweetheart, calm and friendly and just lovable, with a short, black coat. The little dog has a wild mane of hair, and constantly barks at anything, runs around for no reason, and thinks it’s a princess.

I weep in the knowledge I don’t look like my dog. But I take heart. It could be worse.

I could own one of these:


And now I need to get creme for my age spots.

Have a great Saturday! 😉

Not My Color

In my family, there are four girls, and one boy. The boy came much later. Anyway, growing up we were often dressed alike (we had no choice on the matter). Looking back at photographs, we certainly looked pretty cute.

Then we grew up.

Anyway, one thing my mom would do is make or buy the same style of dress, but in different colors. And inevitably, my color was always yellow.


Now, I have nothing against the color yellow. It’s the color of sunshine, and summer, and smiles, and happiness.

It’s also the color of corn, an angry bird, and Spongebob.

Most people can wear it and look awesome and happy as clams. Me, I wear it and look like a squash, no matter how thin I am. I remember wearing a yellow shirt to a doctor’s appointment, and he ended up testing me for jaundice. NOT FUN. And the last time I wore yellow, someone said I looked like a corndog, which here in Texas may be a compliment, but not to me.

And if I look jaundiced wearing yellow, I can only imagine what I would look like wearing orange.

*shudders* 😀

Going Off on a Rant

Ok, it’s late April, and it’s 48* F outside. That’s 9* C for my foreign friends. And that’s INCONCEIVABLE for Texas. We should be enjoying high 80’s, if not downright scorching next to the Sun mid-90’s. Those of you up north, you have my pity.

Nothing like being told at the last minute that I need to make graduation announcements. Thank goodness I know how to make cards, have stamps, and a printer. Now to spend days doing the same thing over and over. Isn’t that insanity? Or being a mom? Or are they interchangeable?

My youngest is testing this week, and she was instructed to mark “A” on her ethic background. Upon calling the school, I was told “H” is not an option because it isn’t an ethnicity. No one could explain why she was told to mark Asian. To the best of my knowledge, Genghis Khan never set foot on Puerto Rico. I said as much, and was asked, “Who?” I cried.

I think I need to eat a lot of chocolate today. That’s the best cure 😉

How I Took Home a Chef

Well, as y’all may recall, this past Saturday I went to see Chef Curtis Stone, the original Take Home Chef, cook and be all dreamy. Hubby, our friend Flower Girl and I headed out early to get a good parking spot. I had no hopes of getting good seating, but the stars, they were aligning. As usual, I’m getting ahead of myself.

We get to the outlet mall, and find a close parking space to the enormous tent. There is no line to purchase the book, so Flower Girl and I make our purchases, and proceed to enter the tent. People are milling about, and there is a KitchenAid™ demonstration going on, as well as several local restaurants and wineries showcasing their wares and providing samples. Between bites of Caprese salad in a wonderful vinaigrette and a few swigs of Riesling, we encountered a photo booth. AWESOME!! My friend and I hurry over to have our photos taken, and because we are the first to try out the Photo Toaster® (yes, that’s the name of it), the videographer asks if he can also take our photos for the event. Sure!! I wore makeup in case I would ever get the chance to get close to Curtis Stone. I can dream.

By this time people are starting to be seated, so we go back in the tent and get seats middle right. After what seemed like forever but in reality was about fifteen minutes, Curtis Stone came onstage.

chef stone

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Saturday Sithy

I am getting ready to spend an afternoon at the outlet mall. The screaming, battling, punching, and shoving will be epic, I’m sure. I just hope I don’t hurt anyone too badly.

Or get arrested.

So here’s a Sithy for y’all.


Clicky to embiggenify!

Y’all have a great Saturday 😀

We Need Some Happy

This week has had its share of tragedy. We need some happy around here!! So tomorrow I am going to head out to the mall to see Curtis Stone cook and be all dreamy.

Curtis Stone1

Why yes, I would love for you to follow me all over the grocery store and then cook my dinner, Curtis.

I can dream whatever I want, you know.

The best part? The Le Creuset™ store will be having a special sale in conjunction with his appearance here. And y’all remember the $50, right? The stars, they are aligning!!

Y’all have a great Friday 😉

Another Tragedy

This week is unending.

Police say between 5 and 15 people killed in Texas fertilizer plant explosion, more than 160 hurt

More here.

There are eyewitness reports of using water to quell the flames and if true, that could have triggered the massive explosion. But one thing that stands out regardless of it being Boston or West: the generosity and willingness to help people in need.

And that is something no one can ever break, or take away.

Sending prayers on angel’s wings.

Laundry Lottery

One of the biggest laundry irks is finding stuff in pockets. I hate that. I really, really do. Seriously, how hard is it to turn out your pockets before placing clothes in the dirty laundry? And while I’m venting, how hard is it to turn clothes right side out???

Ok, I better leave that for another rant.

Anyway, as y’all may remember, I organized my laundry room a few months ago, and one of the things I placed on the washer was a jar. A big jar for found coins. Wouldn’t you know it, but right after I did that the kids started to turn out their pockets. GAH!! But since I do Hubby’s laundry, he tends to forget, and that’s when I score.


This time, I found $50!!!

Which means I get to put it towards a new cooking pot. Or a couple of drinks at Starbucks™.

Yes, I’m putting it towards the cooking pot. I can make my own coffee 😉

Asking for Prayers

I am sending prayers and hopefully a unit of O neg Boston’s way.

At Least 2 Dead, Dozens Injured After Two Bombs Explode at Boston Marathon

More news here. Reportedly two more explosive devices were found near the bombing site.

It takes a special grade of coward to do something like this. We all know that, no matter what nationality, creed, gender the terrorist may be.

But my question is, after all the ammo purchases, all the armoured vehicles, all of the claims that they are there to protect you from the ever-vague them… where were the DHS Schutzstaffel??

This enquiring mind wants to know.

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