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The Velvet Mimosa

When it comes to libations, I am inspired by the most random things. An infamous flub inspired a rather refreshing drink, and bloodiness inspired this one. I’m sure to be inspired by a pair of shoes soon enough. Does is matter as long as the drink is delicious??

Anyway, my friend @velvetsugar76 is fond of changing up her moniker on Twitter. It wasn’t long before I was inspired by her to make a new cocktail in her honor. Because nothing brings friends together like booze!!

Velvet Mimosa

  • 1 oz. silver tequila (because Velvet loves her some tequila)
  • 2 oz. orange juice (or orange pineapple juice)
  • 1 oz. strawberry puree
  • ½ oz. simple syrup
  • 2 oz. prosecco

Pour the tequila, juice, puree, and simple syrup into a shaker with ice. Shake well, and strain into a wineglass. Top off with prosecco. You can adjust the amount of liquor to taste, as well as the simple syrup. I love sweet drinks, so I may tweak it a bit and add more simple syrup next time.

Usually the addition of a puree would classify this as a Bellini, but since I added tequila and juice, it was more fluid and thus retained the label of a Mimosa. Even with the additional liquids, it remained velvety on the tongue. And….


The Shift of a Compass

Let me preface this by saying I consider myself lucky to have friends. One can never have too many. Growing up they came and went out of my life with regularity, and some have passed on before their time. But I never regretted the time spent with any of them, whether in anger or laughter, in sadness and joy, in cacophony and silence. Every one was a blessing unto my life, even the ones who chose to leave.

Back in the days before social media, we were comfortable not knowing every particular tidbit from every particular friend. I had no ideas on their religious convictions (even when we attended the same church), their political leanings, their discriminatory views (and by this I mean likes and dislikes, not racial bigotry), and outside our high school football team, not even sport fandoms. Personally, I didn’t think it was any of my business, and if they liked the Dallas Cowboys, that was their cross to bear. But social media has made it easier to put one’s views out there. Sometimes that makes friends aware that they don’t have so many things in common with each other, and the dreaded happens.

In the interest of our friendship….

Those are chilling words to read on one’s media. At first it seems they are trying to cushion a coming blow, but that’s the masquerade. Those words come right before being told how “wrong” or how “bigoted” or how “evil” your statement is. It isn’t a way to soften the rebuttal but rather an implied threat. I don’t agree with you and our friendship will suffer for it. And I have to wonder why. Why would any friend consider a different opinion cause to sever all ties? I could understand if my opinion went against the law or broke social taboos but that wasn’t the case. It was a case of the mirror having two faces: two different ways of looking at one thing. Ignoring one face over the other simply because you don’t like it is a disservice to others and to oneself. Always remember: one must always play “devil’s advocate” and question everything; living in an echo chamber gets very old, very fast; and no one has a right to be offended. No friendship should ever be tested because of discourse. Differences of opinion are valuable, necessary, and natural. To think otherwise is to be myopic about the human condition.

And now that I have done my deep thoughts for today, it’s time for another cup of coffee 🙂

How I Spent My Week Away From the Internet

Yes, I had a very good reason for being away. Eldest completed her classes and was now PCS’ing from the East Coast to the West Coast.

By minivan.

Which we, her parents, drove out in to pick her up, and to bring her home, and to take her to her next duty station. I have two words for y’all:

Never. Again.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the trip. Most of the trip to the East was very scenic, and some of it was downright wonderful. I got to see the U.S.S. Alabama from the bridge (had no time to stop), Lake Charles’ Hell Bridge (as I like to call it) and the Atchafalaya Basin, and the beautiful Magnolias of Mississippi. The trip out is a favorite of mine as well. I love driving the desolate areas of I-10 in Texas. I really do. New Mexico had awesome signs about watching out for snakes among other animalia as well as plenty of hot air balloons dotting the sky. Arizona had the misfortune of putting up with us experiencing a flat tire, but all in all it was a good drive.

Until I-8. I thought I-10 in Texas was desolate. That strip of highway made I-10 look like a booming metropolis. I asked the tow truck driver how people lived in such a desolate area and he said, “Very carefully.” Not soon enough we waved buh-bye to AZ and greeted California, which went from sand dunes, to rocky mountains to more mountains, to BOOM!!! cities. Seriously, we went around a curve and suddenly there was actual population clustered everywhere. And driving everywhere. For a state that frowns on emissions, it sure had a lot of drivers expelling it. Soon enough we arrived in San Diego….. and found out we were too early to check in. No matter, because we had a good friend waiting for us, none other than XBradTC, who was kind enough to meet us and show us a bit of San Diego before he had to leave for his home. I saw the Midway and enjoyed the views of the bay even though it was 66* F, which in my terms is parka weather, and enjoyed a fabulous dinner overlooking the water and a rather cloudy sunset which didn’t detract from its beauty. Aside from finally meeting XBrad, the best part was the gift he bestowed upon me:

vader kids book

I’m not sure if he is saying I am a princess, or if he is referring to my parenting style. Either way I was very touched to receive it, and I fully admit to laughing out loud while reading it at the coffee shop. Yes, people looked at me funny and I didn’t care. It was a wonderful day spent in a wonderful city and far too short. I can’t wait to visit Eldest again and take some time to see more of the West Coast.

But I will fly out next time 😀

It Seems to Be One of “Those” Days

We all have them. The day when nothing goes right, when everything you try to do seems to fail, when nothing you do is “good enough”. I and a few of my friends are having a rough day, feeling a bit down due to circumstances beyond apparent control. It’s on days like these that I bring out the heavy artillery.

cooler pup

Some of us are feeling the pain of loss, others are feeling ineffective, and perhaps some feel like they have failed in some way. Today is a bit rough for me, recalling the loss of people from long ago and from just this week. But memories always help to ease my heart. Even bad memories have their silver linings. I know that we can get bogged down on the bad. For me, the trick is to make fun of the bad, even if I just flip my finger and just say FIDO! Seems childish, but it works for me, very well and often!

Never forget, my friends: things can always be worse. And always remember, I’m just a social site and a few streets away 🙂

One Small Blessing

Sometimes we get so entrenched in Life that we forget to live and appreciate it.

Last week someone decided to remind me. I received a postcard. It was unsigned with only a simple message:

Just a note to let you know someone is thinking of you ♥

That made me tear up. No, not because I thought it was a stalker warning me. That I can handle. I was overwhelmed that someone would take the time to do that for me. The last time I received an anonymous note like this was in seventh grade, after the Valentine’s Day “secret admirer” carnations had been handed out in class, and I was the only one to not receive any. I’m pretty sure that note came from my Earth Science teacher. Just as in seventh grade, the postcard was a lovely gesture and a comforting one. I can only hope to repay the kindness shown to me soon. But for now, I can only do this.

thank you smiley face

To whoever sent me the postcard, I will keep it always. It will remind me about my blessings, and also to pass that on to others 🙂

Thanks a Million

I want to take time to thank my readers, commenters and lurkers alike, for coming by this itty bitty corner of the Blogaverse. There are many places like it, some far better, but this corner is mine. It means a lot to me that you would pause in your day to come by and read the fluff I post.


Bellinis for everybody!!

So here’s to y’all! Enjoy your last day of 2013 and bring in the New Year!

I hope it is filled with love, happiness and opportunity.

And chocolate and bacon wouldn’t go amiss, either 😉

Hostess with the Hostess Cupcakes

Sorry for my absence around here. I have been busy hosting our internet friend Tiberius this week. It was rather unexpected but very welcomed, though cramming a bunch of stuff in six days is proving to be a challenge.

This has been the proposed itinerary:

  1. Find acceptable costume with which to scare little kids: Check.
  2. Stock up the bar with booze to try: Check.
  3. Tour the caverns and make fun of idiots on the road: Check.
  4. Try Tex-Mex food: Scheduled.
  5. Stock up on chocolate candy: Check.
  6. Gorge on junkfood: scheduled.
  7. THE ALAMO: Damn skippy it’s scheduled.
  8. Meet up with internet friends: Scheduled.
  9. Gun range: Scheduled.
  10. Attend autopsy*: Um, scheduled….

This is just for this week. He plans on coming back and staying for Thanksgiving. Apparently, Australians don’t have a similar celebration. Unless you count Julia Gillard’s ousting. Everyone was thankful for that.

So, things are busy and fun. And tomorrow will be popping what with last minute Halloween stuff. So if y’all will excuse me, I’m off to finish making my wand 😉

*Not mine, so there.

10,000th Comment!!!

I can’t believe this itty bitty blog has had 10,000 approved comments. Obviously I don’t include spam in that number. If I did, it would be a lot higher. Stupid bots. Anyway, I want to express my thanks to all who take the time to comment here. I know it doesn’t take long to do so most of the time, but your time is precious to you and it means a lot that y’all share it with me.

And the honor goes to:


With the winning comment:

Ms. Sith, you are a sick, sick individual. I like that.

There is much truth in that statement.

So once again, thank you all for indulging me in this past time 😀

Small Hiatus

This week I am hosting the Glorious Lemur King and his family, so I am not blogging as usual. But some of y’all may be wondering what we have done, so….

This is where we went:

aquarena boat




And today we shall be going here:



And after that, we shall tour the Alamo and the Riverwalk.

And after that, we shall rest. Maybe. I’m a bit fuzzy right now.

Anyway, hope to be back here soon. I’m off to go gawk at the new electric smoker the Lemurs have been kind enough to gift us. Ta ta for now!! 😀

Here We Go, Again

Well, summer for most of us means vacation time and kids driving you insane. But for military families, it also means it’s a time to see friends move to other duty stations. And though we in the military have mastered the gift of “staying-in-touch”, it can still be difficult to say “See ya” to close friends.

Our close friend Flower Girl will be moving this summer, and Hubby and I wish to give her a nice going away gift. And this is the difficult part. Usually Hubby just asks me to get something for someone because let’s face it: shopping is something I do quite well. But this time he wants to help pick out a gift, because she was his protegé, and he her mentor. And I want to pick it out because she and I are like sisters.

And that means what HE thinks is a great gift is not necessarily what I think is a great gift. My suggestions of artwork, Le Creuset (she has been wanting a good sized casserole), Texas themed jewelry and such, have been met with reluctance. His suggestions of a fossil display, or some medical themed display have been met with a “Huh??” I think we are at cross purposes because he wants to give her something she can hang or display in her office, and I want to give her something she can have in her home. So, I think it’s best if we each get her something different. He can give her a nice office gift, and I will give her a small gift for her home.

Unless we find an antique pathology knife. She can use that at work and at home 😉