Daily Archives: March 22, 2013

Royal Flush

Those of you who have met me know I am prone to embarrassment, to the amusement of everyone. It’s nice that I can bring smiles to people’s faces, but it takes a toll when I am the object of their mirth. I remember one time, in seventh grade, I was in Orchestra class, and the string on my viola popped clean off. I took it to my sectionals teacher, who was busy with the bass section, and she asked me to hold her instrument while she replaced my string. As she walked to the office, she informed everyone that “Aggie snapped her G string.”

Everyone laughed and smirked.

Everyone but me. Why? Because I had no freakin’ idea what a G string was!!!


Go ahead and laugh. You live far, far away from me anyway.

Anyway, I asked my teacher about it after class, and she explained, to which I rolled my eyes and said that women would never wear such things.

My innocence is completely shattered, by the way.

So, what kind of embarrassing moments have y’all enjoyed in your lives? 😀

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