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Sithy Awesome

My friend The Glorious Lemur King sent me this on advice of his better half, Cruel Wife.

Because you can never have enough lightsabers.

You can, however, have enough flying squirrels.

Have a great Tuesday!! 😀

Endtimes, or as It Is More Commonly Called, Back-to-School Shopping

Today finds me fortifying myself with plenty of caffeine. Why? Because aside the fact that it is too early (so I have been informed) to open a bottle of wine, I have to take the kids shopping for back-to-school stuff. Little One in particular is beside herself with the fact that this year she gets to have a locker and wants to decorate it.

Did you know you can buy wallpaper for your locker?? Neither did I.

Yes, my friends, you can actually purchase a chandelier for your locker. And carpeting!!! You know, when I went to school, our decorating was limited to school rules, as in, “NOTHING ALLOWED”. Sure, sometimes we skirted around that by using a few magnets to hold pictures or taping stuff we liked, but we had to operate on stealth mode, so it had to be small and very inconspicuous. I remember Mr. Profitt walking by one friend’s locker and bursting a blood vessel when he saw the wall-to-wall coverage of her love life. Good times, good times…

Anyway, the sooner I get this over with, the better off my eardrums will be, since I will no longer hear, “CAN WE GO SHOPPING FOR LOCKER STUFF, PLEASE, OH PLEASE, OH PLEASE!!!???”

Trust me, this will take a while. She’s not easy to please. I think she takes after my grandmother 😉

Weak in the Knees

Anyone who knows me knows how I feel about this. You may ask yourself why, since I’m Puerto Rican and have absolutely no ties to Scotland. But there you have it.

I love kilts. I love men wearing kilts. Quasimodo could wear a kilt and I would drool. Really.

At the last Holiday Ball we attended, there was a gentleman who wore his clan’s tartan, and I just kept staring!! Hubby took pity on me, and went over to ask him if he would dance with me. He was very nice, and told me about his tartan and stories about wearing the kilt to social functions. He was afraid people would make fun of his attire, until I pointed out that there were several women waiting for him to finish dancing so they could have their turn. He was rather happy after that.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go fan myself 😉

Almost There…

In just a few days, it will be Easter, and I shall be enjoying these:

There is nothing sweeter than biting the head off one of these, and enjoying the satisfying crunch of the sugar crystals as the marshmallow melts on your tongue.

Cry Havoc!! And let slip the Peeps of War!!!

Yeah, I am feeling the strain of sugar deprivation. Why do you ask?? 😉

Friday Sithy

Today I am having lunch with our internet friend, LC LtC. That means that I will be cleaning up the house in a futile attempt to impress, so I shall leave y’all with a Sithy.

I’m still laughing 😀

Dog Days

I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to dogs. I feed them, and make sure they are bathed, and give them their heartworm medicine, and whatever else needs to be done. But lately I have noticed that I am no longer doing the training.

About a month ago I noticed my big dog, who is still a puppy, sit over by me and whine to get my attention. So, I would get up to take her outside, thinking that she needed to relieve herself. But no…. she would just lay down by the kitchen doorway and just look at me, and I would close the door, come over to her, and give her a “momma hug”.  Things would be fine for a while after that, and then the cycle would start all over again.

Now, I know I am spoiling her. I know that! But she is so devoted to me! So it came as no surprise for me to notice that she no longer comes to sit near me and whine. She goes straight to her spot, whines, and I automatically go over to her to give her a hug.

My dog has trained me.

But I figure I owe her in some small way, for all the joy she gives me. Besides, I am still mistress of my domain, and she respects that, especially at feeding time 😉

Apparently I Shouldn’t Be Trusted With Wine, Either

Last Saturday night, I was invited to a wine party hosted by a friend, where we would be participating in a gift exchange involving ornaments. We had a great time, and if anyone ever gets the opportunity to form a wine club, do so!! Yes, it’s mostly ladies who meet, but the gentlemen also have to opportunity to be fawned over and treated as kings of the moment.

Wine does that to women, you know.

Anyway, because I am the only one of the group that doesn’t live in the neighborhood, I have to drive, so my alcohol intake is very minute. At most, I drink maybe half a glass, and then just have water. When I get home, I will then have a glass of wine before bed. That’s pretty harmless, unless you happen to get a phonecall from a friend.

Friend: I was wondering if you could do me a favor.

Me: Sure, what’s up?

Friend: I have a gift exchange coming up, and I would like to give something more personal than a gift card.

Me: What did you have in mind?

Friend: Well, one of your canvases would be perfect.

Me: Oh sure! I can do one. Any theme in particular you would like?

Friend: Christmas, or Harley Davidson?

Me: Christmas it is…

So now I have yet another project to do this week. That makes about 20. But most of them are ornaments like this one:

Busy week for me, but at least I’ll be doing something I love, right?

I just hope I don’t glue myself to the chair…again…. 😉

Tropical Treasure

One of my favorite little critters is the coquí, the national symbol of Puerto Rico. It is one of the cutest tree frogs, or hylas, in the world. They aren’t poisonous, but are very abundant, and because they are so small, they are everywhere.

Their song is a beautiful lullaby after a rain, and at night. It is said that a coquí will not sing outside of Puerto Rico, so here is a taste of nighttime in my tropical home:

Now, what I call a lullaby, others call a cacophony. My brother went to PR to visit for a week, hanging out with my dad. And this was our conversation via text:

Bro: (sends pic of coquí in can)

Me: How adorable!

Bro: No, how effin noisy.


Bro: I feel accomplished for catching two in one night. Dad told me I achieved Hubby status.

Me: (laughs even harder)

Me: (catching my breath) Are they still yapping?

Bro: No, I threw them into the empty lot next door.

Me: (laughs hard enough to choke)

Bro: People that don’t know Puerto Ricans think that they yell because they are mad… but I think it’s just because sustained time on this island is cause for auditory damage.

I suppose it’s all relative. 😉

The True Horror

This time of year, there is no need to fear the Reaper. No, I give you The True Horror.

They suck the life out of you.

They will destroy everything in their path.

And they are pod people!!!

May God have mercy on our souls…..

Hope y’all have a great Friday 😉