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Humming Along Again

This past Sunday, I got the urge to commit some floracide, so Hubby and I headed to the local home improvement and garden store to get some grass seed and some plants willing to sacrifice themselves to the Sith way of gardening. I am partial to calla lilies and petunias for containers but the lilies tend to be pricey, so I was going to settle for marigolds instead. And taking a turn towards them, Hubby discovered a damsel in distress.


Poor wee thing was on the floor by the marigolds, looking exhausted after battling the early morning storm, most likely. First order of business was to gather her up and cradle her to get her warm. So while I chose my sacrificial flora over in the clearance section, he walked around warming her up and rousing the curiosity of customers. Once my victims were chosen and paid for, we then journeyed over to the pet store to get a hummingbird feeder. We needed to replace the one that broke during a previous storm, and also needed snake food. Two birds with one stone (Bada BING!!). After the clerks oohed and ahhed over the hummingbird, we went home and set up some nectar and then ensconced her in the master bathroom with it.

This is where I left the house to go get some stuff at the antique store. This is also when hilarity ensued.

Hubby (via text): The hummingbird is gone.

Me (via panic): *calls home* What?? Define “gone”!!

Hubby: Well, we can’t find her in the bathroom.

Me: Oh, thank goodness. She’s probably hiding in the floral swag over the window.

Hubby: Wait….no, she was behind the toothbrush holder.

Me: I’m on my way home, so don’t lose her again!

Once home, I joined the rescue party going on around my shower stall, where the bird was sipping on her new-found manna from heaven. She was showing signs of recovery as she flitted about, so we left Hubby to catch her so he could release her outside. As he brought her out we noticed her recovery was complete, listening to her annoyed chirps while cradled gently in his hand. Once outside on the patio, he opened his hand slowly to let her get adjusted. She tried out her wings, and flitted around him before taking off over the trees.

It was a wonderful Sunday, and one spent catering to one of the least of us. I hope she is out and about enjoying the day, telling her friends where to find some awesome nectar, and that we puny humans aren’t as bad as they think 😀

He Sees You. Enough Said.

I am almost done with the shopping and the cleaning and the decorating and the shipping. But I am getting tired of some asking what I got for so-and-so, or is that for me?? Honestly, I thought I was done with those questions once they got older, but apparently not.

So what can one do to prevent peekers from peeking under the Christmas tree?

cthulhu in a jar

That’s right. You trap Cthulhu in a jar and put him to work keeping pesky kids at bay.

You may wonder how I managed such a feat. Suffice it to say, I am Sith.

I would tell you, but then I would have to Sith you 😉

Dreamy Coffee

I had a rather eventful day yesterday. In short, I was diagnosed with anaemia, and had to start taking iron. Yay…me…. The way I see it, I have an excellent excuse to eat a lot of bacon and steak. Silver lining, and all that.

Anyway, I finally got to sleep through the night for the first time in days. And dream. Boy howdy, did I dream! I was at Target™ shopping with Hubby, looking at living room furniture (which they don’t carry, but whatever), when Hugh Jackman rounded the corner and greeted us in his Aussie twang, asking if we knew where the coffee was. Hubby turns to me and says, “Go show him, honey. I’ll be in Electronics.”

That part is completely plausible. The electronics, not Hugh Jackman.

So, I take Mr. Wolverine over to the gourmet coffee area and he starts teaching me the finer points on choosing beans, and I tell him I grew up in a coffee plantation (my grandfather’s), and he asks me all sorts of questions about how to pick and roast, and shows me his favorite brand of coffee (comes in a  silver tin), and then asks me to come over to his place for afternoon coffee!!!!

Foe me? Why, thank you ;)

For me? Why, thank you 😉

And then my stupid alarm goes off at 6 AM, thankfully before I make a fool of myself by screaming like a fangurl. To make matters just a bit more Outer Limits©, as I was perusing the interwebs for that drool-worthy pic, I come to find out that he has established a charity that sells fair trade coffee and tea, which comes in a silver tin.

Why can I dream about this stuff, but not lottery numbers?? 😉

Double Takes

This morning I had to take Son over to school for the annual ROTC Field Day. It was early so not a lot of traffic about, but plenty of people walking their dogs. And as I drove by one lady, I had to do a double take. She looked a lot like her dog. Or rather, the dog looked a lot like her. It’s a toss up. The tragedy of it is, it was a little pug. And the lady did not look all that happy, at all.

baby and dog alike

At first I thought that was just a fluke, and then I saw a man jogging with his dog. He had an English Shepherd, and his salt and pepper mane matched his dog’s. It was hypnotic to watch their hair bounce rhythmically.

But then it got me to thinking…. I have two dogs, one of which is “mine”. She is a Lab/ Staffordshire mix. The other one is a Shetland Sheepdog, also known as a Sheltie. The big dog is a sweetheart, calm and friendly and just lovable, with a short, black coat. The little dog has a wild mane of hair, and constantly barks at anything, runs around for no reason, and thinks it’s a princess.

I weep in the knowledge I don’t look like my dog. But I take heart. It could be worse.

I could own one of these:


And now I need to get creme for my age spots.

Have a great Saturday! 😉

Not My Color

In my family, there are four girls, and one boy. The boy came much later. Anyway, growing up we were often dressed alike (we had no choice on the matter). Looking back at photographs, we certainly looked pretty cute.

Then we grew up.

Anyway, one thing my mom would do is make or buy the same style of dress, but in different colors. And inevitably, my color was always yellow.


Now, I have nothing against the color yellow. It’s the color of sunshine, and summer, and smiles, and happiness.

It’s also the color of corn, an angry bird, and Spongebob.

Most people can wear it and look awesome and happy as clams. Me, I wear it and look like a squash, no matter how thin I am. I remember wearing a yellow shirt to a doctor’s appointment, and he ended up testing me for jaundice. NOT FUN. And the last time I wore yellow, someone said I looked like a corndog, which here in Texas may be a compliment, but not to me.

And if I look jaundiced wearing yellow, I can only imagine what I would look like wearing orange.

*shudders* 😀

We Need Some Happy

This week has had its share of tragedy. We need some happy around here!! So tomorrow I am going to head out to the mall to see Curtis Stone cook and be all dreamy.

Curtis Stone1

Why yes, I would love for you to follow me all over the grocery store and then cook my dinner, Curtis.

I can dream whatever I want, you know.

The best part? The Le Creuset™ store will be having a special sale in conjunction with his appearance here. And y’all remember the $50, right? The stars, they are aligning!!

Y’all have a great Friday 😉

En Guarde

Yesterday was a glorious day. The high was 86* and the sun was shining and the geese were beginning their flights back to the Great White North.

Weather in Texas is only constant in the Summer. In the Winter, it’s a crap shoot.

Early this morning, I awoke to the sounds of the wind rustling the trees and the screens, which meant a cool front was moving through (it’s a cold front for us when the temperature drops to the 60’s, but for my readers northward, I will just stick with “cool”). Anyway, I get up and begin my rounds of coffee-making, kid-waking, and garbage-gathering, when I hear the wind topple something outside. And that meant the dogs had to bark at it.



That’s what you and I would hear.

This is what it translates to:





I go over to the backdoor and open it, so they can go make sure things are fine (it was a chair that was blown over). And what do they do?

They stand away from the door, and look up at me as if to say, “MOM, OUR JOB IS TO WARN YOU. YOUR JOB IS TO TAKE CARE OF WHATEVER IS OUT THERE.”

They may not be the greatest guard dogs, but they keep us happy 🙂

Pins and Pretties

Well, start of the New Year, and no resolutions for me. That’s what Lent is for, in my opinion. But I want to be more social and make more friends, and if that’s a resolution, so be it. At least it’s a fun one!

Yesterday, my friend MsOz put up a challenge at the social-site-with-faces: 2013 Craft Pay-It-Forward. Basically, the first five people to reply get a handmade item from her, with the stipulation that those participating also place the same status on their social site and do a craft for others as well. After thinking and thinking and more thinking, I decided to make these:

tea cup pincushion

Pincushions made from vintage tea cups! This one I made from leftover fabric and a cracked demitasse cup I found somewhere. So, today I am going out to scour the antique stores for lonely little tea cups in search of a home. I will post the tutorial later this week.

I don’t know if this would work with voodoo, but it would be fun to try 😉

What a Mesh

Seriously, decorative mesh is awesome!!

deco mesh santa

My sister Reno Queen made those for her front door, because her house is so far from the road, she wanted them to be seen. A wreath just looks like a splotch on her door. You can download the instructions for it: How to make a Santa

You can find deco mesh in any hobby store, but some florist suppliers usually carry it for far less, so shop around!!

Hm….I wonder if you can make a wreath with those bath poufs, too. Yay!! PROJECT!!! Time to drive down to the Dollar Store wait for Hubby to come home to drive me to the Dollar Store.

GAH!! I hate waiting… 😉

Do-It-Yourself: GIVEAWAY!!!

Ok, so lately I have been going a bit nuts over DIY stuff. As soon as I am done with Eldest’s room I will get back to other fluff. But for now, I am enjoying the whole repurposing/ recycling/ redoing bug I have acquired. Seriously, I keep walking around the house looking for stuff to alter or repurpose. Only the dogs are safe.

Last night I was trying to decide what to do with a small jelly jar I had, courtesy of my SIL two Christmases ago. It had been hiding in the back of the pantry, behind the spaghetti container, which is a tall Tupperware™ thing that obstructs my line of sight, given how short I am. So…. I looked around, and thought hey, maybe I can make jelly! Yeah, that ain’t happening. I rummaged through the Box O’Stuff™ chock full of fabric and sundry items, and then it hit me.

A cute little sewing kit!!!

So, all y’all have to do is comment on this post in the next 24 hours with a wish that you want to win it. That’s it! At the end of the day (actual 24 hours), I will do the whole names-in-the-hat thing and let Little One choose. I can’t let one of my dogs choose because they may end up eating the whole hat.

I know I suck at this, but bear with me. It’s my first giveaway. Enter as often as you wish, since I don’t get that many peeps over here, and good luck 😉

Giveaway closed!!

Thanks so much for commenting, and I will post the winner tomorrow!!