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Short Musings

Well, today started off a bit on the off side. The repairman was unable to come and finish the walls, so I am in the uncomfortable position of having to wait a bit longer to do my laundry, since the washer is positioned at an angle and difficult to use. Anyway, I got on to write a post today, but found that (W) decided to change the emoticons we use in our blogs. And of course, some of the emoticons are “secret”, so I had to play all afternoon trying to figure them out.

It was a sacrifice I was willing to make. But never again.

Look, I am a n00b when it comes to computers. I am no :developer: nor am I a genius. You know the whole “give a monkey a typewriter” thing? Well, that’s me, only not as cute. Don’t get me wrong. I ❤ writing, even writing just stuff that’s fluffy as a 🐻 is fun for me. But if pressure is involved, like in NaNoWriMo, forget it. You might as well pour me a |_| and leave me alone, because I would never come close to making a dent. Writing under pressure just doesn’t appeal to me. Writing nonsensical musings on a whim is totally different, and should always be celebrated. Of course, there are times when you come up with a clever 💡 and you have to run with it. Those times are few and far between for me, though.

Anyway, the ⭐ s are aligning for me, so I have to get going. It’s Friday, and still Lent, so I’m making rainbow trout for dinner. Easter seems like a long way off to me.

I wish I could have a 🌯 and wash it down with a 🍸 .


The Good Ol’ Days

Lately, I have been on a technology hating kick. I hate my cellphone, I hate my cordless phone, intensely dislike the remotes to the TV, despise the remotes to the sound system, and want to stab the infernal video game systems.

The laptop gets a pass for now, though.

You may be wondering what set this off. Mostly, human nature did. Little One likes to control the TV remotes and hides them so that no one else can change the channel from whatever tripe she is watching. Hubby likes to put the sound system on very loud, as most men like to do. The video games suck life from those who play them. The kids take the cordless phone to some part of the house and forget to place them back on the cradle. That means they are NOT CHARGED when I need it. And as for the cellphone, I just plain hate the texting. One text or two to confirm something is fine. An ENTIRE conversation is a pain in the lower backside. But the worst part??


How is pressing the end call button supposed to provide satisfaction on that score?? How am I supposed to relay my complete and utter ire at the receiver if I can’t throw it down?? Of sure…. one could argue you can just chuck the phone away, but then I would be providing a free cellphone to an unsuspecting passer-by. Along with unlimited texting, apparently. So no, I shall keep the phone and learn to not answer everything.

But in the meantime, I will be scouring the flea market and thrift stores for an old-fashioned, corded phone. One that is heavy and bulky and can NOT be lost in the house. And one that doesn’t come with an answering machine 😉

I’m Wondering….

Just how much of Skyrim can I take before I finally snap?


*heads off to see the Mummies*


It’s 1985 in My House….

No, I’m not kidding.

The other day, I was going through Little One’s closet, and found leg warmers. Surprised, I asked her where she got them, and she told me they were her friend’s.

Me: So, y’all wear them for twirling practice?

LO: Oh no, it’s for fun.

Me: I bet your legs get all sweaty.

LO: (puzzled) Why? They go on the arms.

Me: …..

And Eldest? One of her favorite T-shirts is her vintage AC/DC one. I admit, I am partial to it as well, but it feels like there’s a crack in the fabric of the Universe to have your kid like one of your favorite rock bands from your teen years. I think I got five more grey hairs from that.

However, the ultimate proof of my lapse in the Time Machine?

Courtesy of Superb Wallpapers


With the super 12,825-bit games the kids have in their library, so realistic that blood, sweat, and tears travel in rivulets down the thickly-veined arms of the enemy, it comes down to wanting to spend hours on an 8-bit looking game building a house?? REALLY??? This from the same kids that laughed at the Dire Straits’ Money for Nothin’ video not three weeks ago??

I have to admit, I don’t see the attraction, but then again, I don’t play videogames. But it’s a bit freaky to have your husband chomping on the bit to go bump the kids off so he can have his turn. Or have him wake up at o-light-thirty on a Saturday to go play it. Yes, he is playing it as I type. And woke up the kids to help him out with creepers or some such thing.

Anyway, time for me to get my day started. I better go find my Valley Girl soundtrack and get my Wayfarers on, baby! 😉

When It Rains….

This past weekend, Eldest informed me that the battery in her laptop needs to be replaced. That’s nothing unusual, since the battery in my laptop has needed replacing for a long time now. But yesterday Son informed me that the kids’ computer no longer reads discs or memory sticks.

So now it seems certain tech thingies can’t wait for Hubby to get home. I have been wanting to upgrade the kids’ computer for a while, but Hubby is bringing the one he is using back, so I’m not sure if I should go ahead and get a new CPU, and install the other PC in the main reading area.

Of course, Son is all for a new PC in his room, where he thinks he can limit access to his sisters. And Little One is all about having her very own laptop in her room. That won’t happen for a few years, though. The gnashing of teeth will continue unabated until then, I’m sure. I swear, this house is fast becoming a computer and videogame system graveyard. I just wonder if there will be enough room for a new iPad 😉

I Need a Laboratory in This House

The other day I mentioned that one Home Truth™ is to never “taste” anything you find on the kitchen island that you have not placed there yourself, because that is the current site of home experiments. I encourage this for the most part, especially when Eldest decides to cook. I must say, she is getting good at the whole cooking thing. I just wish she would do it more often.

Anyway, last night as I was pouring the last glass of wine for the next forty days and forty nights, I noticed that the last “experiment” was still on the counter. Here is the photo of the experiment before:

Pretty innocuous, right? Looks like a bowl of water, which is what I thought it was, and almost dumped out, until I reached inside it:

I have to thank my friend Nicole for this. These are reconstituted “spit balls” she sent Son for Christmas. This turned into a water refraction experiment which they used to explain this to their younger sister:

They get this from their father.

The drama that resulted from me almost spilling this? That they get from me 😉

Compoopers, and Why I Stay Away From Them

I am not a fan of computers. Don’t get me wrong: I do enjoy using them (obviously, I’m here!). But the darn things are still a mystery to me, and one that should be respected along the lines of dark matter and voodoo.

Christmas night had us all relaxing after a wonderful day. I was chatting with friends on the laptop, when from upstairs there arose such a clatter. Eldest and Son were locked in a battle of wills over the Monster. That’s what I call Hubby’s computer. I screamed for them to come downstairs and explain what is going on. Eldest tells me Son has been monopolizing Monster all day, and she has to upload photos for Hubby. Son explains he has been “tweaking” the Monster so it can handle a game better.

This is where my heart came to a slow thud and then died.

Me: Do NOT “tweak” anything on that thing!!!

Son: But Mom, I’m just making the computer work faster.


Eldest: (smirking)

Son: Don’t worry, Mom. Dad showed me how–

Me: (Totally panicking) JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!!

Son: Ok, ok…but why?

Me: (so past the freaked out stage that “making sense” is only an album title) Because that thing will end up like SkyNet and come to life!!

Son: (laughing by now) Wow, Mom…

So you see, I have a healthy respect for the things, and would rather leave them alone to their own devices than “tweak” anything on the off chance of bringing the Apocalypse. It is almost 2012, after all.

The Printed Word

I love books. Hubby can tell y’all he can walk through the house and see a book open and face down on the desk, endtables, my nightstand, bathtub, and sometimes next to the computer, whichever one I’m using most at the time. My kids love to gift me handmade bookmarks, because they know I will use each and every one of them.

There are over thirty books in this photo. No, I don't need help.

Yes, those are my llamas right by the basket o’books. I love the feel of the pages as I turn them. I love the sound of the rustling as I fan a book. I love how the plot thickens as I reach a new chapter.

But now, I have a quandary.

First it was Kindle™, and then the Nook™. And now, there’s this:

Image courtesy of Amazon

My sister loves her Nook, as does my dad. I have resisted the siren’s song to own an e-reader, mostly because I enjoy the somatosensoriness* of a book, and because I am clueless as to how one works. I have resisted the siren’s wail to own an iPad because…. well, it’s too hipster for me. That, and I am clueless as to how one works. But this newfangled thing calls to me like Butch to Sundance… like Cagney to Lacey…. like chocolate to…. anything.

I think my Christmas List has just gotten a wee bit longer.

*It’s my blog, and I can make up words if I so wish. So there 😀