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Monday Sithy

My friend Tiberius found this and I had to snag it for my cover photo on a social site that lives in infamy.

boba fett collection lol

Now for the debate:

Would Boba Fett be able to capture Predator and Alien? I mean, this is the guy whose dad was the “quintessential” soldier and cloned to oblivion and the so-called progeny couldn’t hit the broadside of an Imperial Cruiser from ten feet away. But Boba was raised by his dad, so he has that going for him, and that’s nice.

Feel free to discuss in the comments while I go clean the bathrooms 😀

When Worlds Collide

I love being a geek. I cannot express the joy I get when science fiction characters are assimilated into a smash-up of epic proportions.

Today is the birthday of one of Science Fiction’s most revered icons, none other than the original, and best evah, Captain Kirk.


shatner and stormtroopers2

I saw that photo* on the social-site-with-faces and SQUEEE’d!! How epic is it to find the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise being “escorted” by Stormtroopers?? That made my whole week. Happiest of days to Captain T.J. Crane!! (See what I did there??)

Hope y’all have a long and prosperous weekend 😉

*Special hat tip to my friend, Mr. Fixit 😀

Happy Father’s Day!!

And as usual, it’s a bit chaotic around here.

First, Minecraft™ must be played.

Second, chocolate chip muffins must be devoured.

Third, go zip-lining.

Fourth, stop praying after the zip-lining.

Fifth, enjoy the rest of the day.

vader bbq

Happy Father’s Day to all the Sith dads, and the not-so-Sith 🙂

Graphic courtesy of Tiberius.

Friday Sithy

It’s the last day of school, my friends.

This day can easily end in tears. However, that also means I get to return to my normal blog-reading-and-commenting state. Aren’t you happy!!?? I sure am. But since today will be taken up by early release and last minute uniform checks and sundry stuff, I shall leave you with a Sithy, courtesy of XBradTC, who threatened me with dire violence kindly sent this to me, thinking it would be a fine addition to my home.

At At liquor bar

AN AT AT BAR!!!! I think this would go well in the living room, or right by my crafting area.

Have a great Friday and stay thirsty, my friends 😉

In Defense of the Cupcake

Yesterday I was perusing food blogs and came across my interwebnet friend Marilla over at Cupcake Rehab for some delicious dessert recipes. As her blog title suggests, she loves her some cupcakes. But that isn’t all she makes. Jams, jellies, pickling, pies, sauces, cookies, breads (ZOMG THE BREADS!!!)… it’s all good at her site. But sometimes she feels the need to clarify her stance on the humble cupcake.

I love cupcakes. I won’t apologize for it, I don’t feel bad when a snobby food blogger scoffs at them in favor of a green tea cookie with local honey glaze or lemon curry marmalade, and I don’t care if the people I reading this are tired of them. I am not. Besides, what is there NOT TO LIKE? It’s a small, individual cake. Just for you. That you don’t have to share (!).

And she is absolutely right! What is NOT to like about a cupcake??

Multi Cup Cakes 033

Each one is an individual ray of sunshine, just waiting to send your taste buds into Sugar Valhalla. Honestly, peeling off the liner heightens the anticipation of biting into the velvety sweetness by a factor of twelve and seven orders of magnitude. And think about it: no cutting, no crumbs, no messing up the icing, no fighting over the decorations, no “I want more icing!”, no mess.  Choosing a cupcake is a symbol of individuality. YOU pick the one that speaks to you. That’s totally different than a cake that screams conformity.

Don’t get me wrong: I like cake, too. But the cupcake appeals to the rebel inside us, telling the rest of the world, “THIS ONE IS MINE, ALL MINE!!” And sometimes you need to have something that’s only yours, even if it is a cupcake 😀

Breaking In Spring

It’s Spring Break, and my kidlets are booooooooooooooored.

I’m sorry, but I don’t see where it says “Entertainer Galore” on my job description. But at least Son will be hosting his birthday party, and they will be occupied making fun of what their parents used to wear during the 80’s. Whatever…. I make fun of the stuff they wear now, so we’re even.

But today is a special day in Geekdom. It is 3/14, and therefore PI DAY!!!!

cherry Pi

Creatively borrowed from my friend, The Queen.

Yes, I will be making pie. No, I won’t go through the trouble of cutting out the pastry into numbers. I don’t have time for that. I’ll be lucky if I keep enough of it to make the pie in the first place. Or the filling, for that matter.

Anyway, hope y’all have a great day, and don’t forget to have some Pi 😀


Today’s Sithy is brought to y’all courtesy of XBradTC!!

He knows my weaknesses.


Look closely, and you’ll understand why I call him that. If that’s not epic, I don’t know what is.

Have a great Wednesday!! 😉

Tuesday Sithy

It’s sort of a Sithy, courtesy of a friend on the social-site-with-faces.

gravity force lol

If only my Physics class had been THAT easy!!

Have a great Tuesday!! 😀

What a Mesh

Seriously, decorative mesh is awesome!!

deco mesh santa

My sister Reno Queen made those for her front door, because her house is so far from the road, she wanted them to be seen. A wreath just looks like a splotch on her door. You can download the instructions for it: How to make a Santa

You can find deco mesh in any hobby store, but some florist suppliers usually carry it for far less, so shop around!!

Hm….I wonder if you can make a wreath with those bath poufs, too. Yay!! PROJECT!!! Time to drive down to the Dollar Store wait for Hubby to come home to drive me to the Dollar Store.

GAH!! I hate waiting… 😉

Outta Here!!

Today we are going out of town, so y’all will have to rely on social site games and football to tide y’all over. And from my friend roamingfirehydrant:

Well, I do speak Fwench, you know 😉

Have a wonderful Saturday!!