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Last Day of Winter

Or so the calendar claims.

I think the calendar is yanking my chain, though. I’m still wearing sweaters and long sleeves and the heater kicks in every night. Usually by mid-March we have nice warm days, precursors to the scorchers we get for living five blocks from the Sun. My bluebonnets are coming up, the mountain laurel has bloomed, but I’m afraid the roses and the Barbados shrubs did not do well in the freezes we had. And you know what that means, right?

tried but died

Every year I buy plants and flowers, and every year, they die. But for a few weeks they look SPECTACULAR in my yard, so at least I have that going for me.

So today I am off to go look for nice geraniums and roses and petunias. Hopefully they won’t cringe when they see me at the nursery. If they do, I shall spare them the agony of dying in my yard.

It’s the least I can do 😀

By the Pricking of My Thumbs…

I have a confession to make: I have no idea how to use a sewing machine.

I can hear you gasping in shock all the way over here.

Before y’all condemn me, I know how to sew, but only by hand. And it’s not that I haven’t had the opportunity to learn on a machine. My mom sews, my sister sews, my daughter took it in what we used to call Home Economics before it went all politically correct. In retrospect, I should have taken Home Ec. It sure would have made my culinary path a bit easier, that’s for sure. I think the reason I never learned to use a sewing machine was fear: I was afraid of sewing my fingers, or making a huge mistake, or tangling all the bobbins, or having the machine come to life. I have an active imagination.

Lately though, I have been wanting to learn to use a sewing machine. Why? Because all of the tiny little projects I have been doing need some sewing, and my thumbs are about to go on strike.

Last night as I was making a cord cover for Eldest’s light fixture, I jammed the needle into the thumb cuticle. I bet that just made y’all flinch, didn’t it?? I know I sure did. I think that was my last straw. Perhaps getting a small, standard sewing machine isn’t a bad idea. Oh, nothing fancy that does embroidery or the dishes. Just something that will prevent me from inflicting multiple stab wounds on myself. I’ll make sure Santa Claus gets the memo. I know he’s always at a loss as to what to get me 😉

I’m Officially a Cantankerous Old Lady

And I am being kind.

Yesterday, I was outside trimming the dead branches off my Pride of Barbados shrubs, bushes….whatever they are. They are supposed to grow to six feet, and mine are ten feet tall. Yes, I need a stepstool. Anyway, I was off in my little world of garden beautification when I hear kids walking into the cul-de-sac. Normally this is fine, but I know the kids around here are all gone for vacation somewhere. So I turn to look and see that they are walking up the sidewalk, tossing a football back and forth. “How cool,” I think to myself. I like to see kids being active.

And then the coolness factor stopped when they got on my crappy lawn to throw the football on a long pass!!!

Me: Excuse me, but you are on the lawn.

Kid #1: We are throwing a football.

Me: I see that, but you need to respect people’s property.

Kid #2: It’s just a football, man.

Me: That’s “Lady”, and GET OFF MY LAWN!!

The only thing missing was my shotgun.

The machete may have intimidated them, though. Now, I am not one to freak out if someone is on my crappy lawn, ok? The kids around the cul-de-sac have come and gone with their skateboards, bikes, rollerblades, whatever. But they had asked if it was ok. These kids took it for granted that the whole place was their playing field, and that is just wrong. Respect for other people’s property is something we were taught as kids. I get the vibe some of us are slacking off in teaching that lesson.

Now, I’m off to go dig some holes for yet another Pride of Barbados and a few Lumbagos. I can’t seem to kill those. If I start yelling at the birds to get off my lawn, I’ll know I have a problem 😉

Feeling Blue, and Loving It!

A few weeks ago, the Lawnmower Man came by to get the lawn ready for spring. He ended up having to actually MOW the lawn, because the weather had been fooling it into growing.

Anyway, he has a new guy on his crew. A new guy that apparently is from another state, or another planet, because he decided that my bluebonnets are weeds and must be eradicated from my flower beds!!!

Me: Holy…. why did you cut down the bluebonnets??

NG: Uh, well…they are weeds, ma’am.


NG: Oh, well, I’m not familiar with that.

Me: Where are you from??

NG: California, ma’am.

Me: (smiling) Well, that explains a lot.

After I calmed down I proceeded to show him where the bluebonnets grow in my yard, and told him they were off limits until they seeded. He apologized and even offered to get new seeds for me, but I declined, thinking this year would be the Year Without Blue. But lo and behold, my bluebonnets came back!!

Pay no attention to the other weeds.

They cannot be beaten!!

I wish the rest of the weeds could be, though 😉