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Thursday Sithy

I’ve been trying to post everywhere I blog all morning, and come to realize that my main blog is the one I neglect the most. When my sources of amusement include going to the thrift store and finding substitutes for everything I gave up for Lent, you know I have a boring life. So here’s a Sithy to tide you over for a bit.

darth vader polish statue

I can’t tell you how much I ❀ Poland!!

Have a great day πŸ˜‰


Sorry for the lack of content the past few…. I don’t know, days? Weeks? Not sure. I have been fighting a losing battle with mountain cedar (which is not a cedar, but a juniper), among other congestive crap. Also, it is January, which means winter, which also means I am huddled around a heat pad like a hedgehog and just as prickly. I’m just not happy unless my skin is roasting, while being protected with SPF 5000, of course.

Anyway, once again my crafting is out of control. I can’t seem to stop making flowers, just as Little One can’t seem to stop taking them. So I make more, and now have a big batch of velvet, felt, and ribbon to put away. It’s colorful, but I can’t seem to convince Hubby that’s it’s also decor.

messy creative lol

I have put a moratorium on shopping at thrift stores and craft stores until such time as I know where in the world this Carmen San Diego wannabe will end up this summer. That also means I have to organize my stuff, and begin to store my Lolita glasses. And above all, it means I have to finish every single project I have started.

Every single one!!!!

Mirrors, vases, bottles, wreaths, tables…. the list goes on.

And on.

At least it will keep me busy and keep my mind off everything I will be giving up during Lent πŸ˜€

Plane, Metro, and Automobile

This week Eldest graduates from Navy boot camp. That translates to her parents travelling northward by plane, by metro, and by taxi into the maelstrom that is the polar vortex*.

Momma ain’t happy.

I hate cold weather. Snow is pretty, especially when you watch it fall from the comfort of your home while drinking hot chocolate and standing right inside beside the fireplace. Right now I am wearing thick wool socks, sweatpants, long-sleeve shirt, sweater, and have a heat pad set on high. I am >< to buying fur-lined boots for the trip. FUR-LINED BOOTS!!! That should tell you just how desperate I am to avoid frostbite. There is an upside to winter, though.

winter pie chart

In my opinion, that pie chart should be a solid tan color. So brace yourselves: complaining here about the cold is coming. And that will most likely follow complaining about my trip to the tundra.

Someone should tell Canada to take back the weather πŸ˜€

*Yes, I’m using that term, but only because I picture polar bears in a tornado.

Thursday Never List

Baby, it’s cold outside.

We were blessed with winter again. Hail last night, sleet this morning, and ice on the roads. And do you see me complaining?? Nope. Not one bit. Why? Because I could be in Pennsylvania or Michigan. By the same logic, I could be in Australia and enjoying summer. Glass half empty or half full? It doesn’t matter as long as there’s more wine to fill it.

Anyway, the weather got me to thinking. Yes, sometimes the synapses fire off. Living in Texas, we tend to enjoy mild winters for the most part. But we do get our share of ice and sn*w. And that’s when we step into the Outer Limitsβ„’ because apparently three sn*wflakes can shut down the area. However, there are some steps we in the South can take to be ready for the unforeseen.

winter squirrel lol

Winter Gear to Never Do Without

#5– Head covering

A hat, a scarf, anything that would keep your body heat from dissipating out through your head is necessary. Unless you like tears freezing on your cheeks. Then that’s ok.

#4– Ice scraper

Nothing worse than cracking your windshield while pouring hot water over the ice. Not good at all.

#3– Sand

In case of ice or slush, or kitty litter is good too. Also good for your enemies gas tanks. So I hear.

#2– Extra socks

Because you never know if that icy patch is solid.

#1– Blanket or throw

If ever you are stuck and need warmth, or for visiting your inlaws who think 45* F is breezy and healthy for you. You can never have too many throws. Ever.

Just a disclaimer: I am from Puerto Rico, and reside in Texas. I am more than sure EVERYONE north of the Mason-Dixon line has better advice, so please do chime in πŸ™‚

What a Crock

This is just not happening. NOT. HAPPENING!!

It is freezing today by Texas standards, which means hot comfort food is a must. I don’t get the chance to make beef stew often, but today was the perfect day for it. Sleety, windy, gray, cold: just like winter should be. Not what I want in a winter, but nothing I can do about that except maybe place The Goron on my Voodoo Listβ„’.

Not saying I did, mind you.

Anyway, I go to do my kitchen prep: peel and dice potatoes, carrots, onions, brown stew beef cuts, and open the red wine. Yes, I cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food. I place all that heavenly goodness into the crock pot, plug it in and….. nothing.


darth noooo

I am aghast. My crock pot is dead, y’all!!

I am at a loss. I love my crock pot. I use it at least once a week. After hyperventilating and walking around the kitchen island sobbing, I calmed down and decided to put it in the oven to cook, like a boss. Actually, like a boss that has a ton of cast iron dutch ovens. I’ll be danged if I let this setback ruin dinner. I mean, there is no way I am going out in this weather. Not even for a dinner out.

On the upside, Hubby has an idea of what to get me for Valentine’s Day πŸ˜‰

Snowday, Texas Style

Today we are enjoying a snowday, that rarest of holidays here in South Texas.

By “snowday”, I mean there is ice on the ground and the vehicles are iced shut. And by “enjoying”, I mean the kids are testing my patience.

Snowdays down here are nothing compared to what Michiganders endure. I am sure they are laughing at us down here for shutting down schools and businesses, but the reality is we are not savvy drivers on icy roads. Heck, rain freaks us out. So better safe at home than sorry wrapped around a light pole.

Of course, Michiganders would probably melt down here in the spring, so we have that going for us.

But I am ready for Winter to go away.

die winter die lol

Soooooooo done with winter. I want to feel the sun as it turns the asphalt into a mushy mess. I want to see flowers bloom in the adversity that is a Texas summer. I want to see water boil off the sidewalk. I’m getting nostalgic just thinking about it. If we humans could hibernate, I wouldn’t have such an issue with the cold. Or with shaving my legs.

Anyway, I hope that wherever you are, you are keeping warm and safe, and stabbing winter in the head πŸ˜‰

I Need a Tauntaun

Wholly carp is it cold out.

I wasn’t going to write about the weather, because everyone is writing or talking about it. I mean, it’s obviously THERE to discuss, right? Still, it sure put a crimp on the week. I’m just glad it wasn’t bad enough to close the schools. I don’t think we could have handled that very well. Scratch that. I know we wouldn’t have.

tauntaun luke warm

I would settle for lukewarm right now. I would also settle for Mark Hamill, but that’s not for a family-friendly blog. Anyway, this cold weather means I get to bake a lot, because using the oven is a great way to suffuse the living area with heat. Also, cookies and cake FTW!! (I would make a pie, but the apples all got eaten). So think of tropical islands and jalapeΓ±os to keep warm.

It could be worse. You could be in Canada πŸ˜‰

Not Getting Down on This Friday

I live in the South. We get maybe two weeks of “cold” weather. And by “cold” I mean mid to high 40s.

For those of you who think I am a silly whiner, keep in mind we tend to be Sun’s next door neighbor for about eight months, and do quite enjoy 98* F in the shade. So there.

Anyway, we are in the middle of a winter storm which has brought ice and snow to the northern part of my fair state, and is pushing it THIS WAY. Have I mentioned I hate cold weather? Because I do. But the worst part? Possible school cancellation.

I don’t think I could deal well with that.

I suppose that the worst part about cold weather for me stems from my inability to sleep well when I am not warm enough. Usually I have to have a sheet, blanket, and not one but TWO down throws on my side of the bed. Hubby is a human furnace so he eschews all the down and the comforter as well. You would think that because he is so warm that I would be warm as well. But no. I need the piles of linens. If I am too cold I get nightmares, such as the one I had last night where I was walking through a park, wearing a cape and using a walking stick, and came upon some polar bears who were on vacation from the Arctic and yelled that I was encroaching on their vacation spot so they decided to have some Puerto Rican food because I was so stupid as to try to pet the alpha male. Thankfully I woke up right then.

So for my friends near and far, keep warm and stay safe. And don’t forget to get milk and eggs πŸ˜‰

Doom and Gloom

It’s Sunday, and it is a gloomy day out here. It rained all night, and still getting some nice, peaceful rain which is always badly needed around these parts.

Makes me glad I was lazy and decided not to wash the car yesterday.

But in a way I’m not happy about the rain, because it forces my hand into doing the laundry.

And making lunch, instead of going out for fast food.

And did I mention laundry?


Hope y’all have a lazy Sunday for me πŸ˜‰

Moody, Not Blue

Last night we had yet another storm pass through, bringing along cooler temperatures.

In Texas.

In May.


Yes, I know what the word means. I normally don’t mind cooler weather. But usually that’s reserved for about two weeks in late December. By May we should be scorching our lawns and dehydrating our petunias. This makes me moody, to the point of actually sharpening my machete in order to keep calm, people. Why? Because I ran out of pins to stick in the voodoo dolls, and can’t go out to get more until the wind dies down!

voodoo doll

And don’t think my anger and moodiness don’t have a victim in mind. I picture a certain man, resembling perhaps a bear, maybe a pig, IYKWIMAITTYD. Just remember: voodoo is for those of us that are too good for anger management.

Ok, back to honing an edge or two. At least until the wind dies down πŸ˜‰