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Once Upon a Time….

I have done lists, I have done letters, and I have done open threads.

But I have yet to write a short story.

I’ll admit, I have a very fertile imagination. And it does tend to run away before I can tether it to the medulla oblongata. I think it comes with the melodrama gene. My teachers in high school always loved my short stories, and college professors borrowed them for their own classes. In retrospect that could have been a bad thing, but I like to pretend they were flattering me.

So here is my challenge to my blogger friends: write a simple short story. No word limit, no theme in particular. Just whatever you fancy writing, and post at your blog on Monday.

As always, just enjoy what you write, and if y’all go the scary route, please by all that is holy, give me a warning, ok?? 😀

UPDATE: for those of you that wish to participate but don’t have a blog, I will feature the stories here, just leave a comment and I’ll send you my email!

Santa Baby!

And so, the day after Christmas finds me enjoying a quiet morning. Santa Claus was very kind to me this year. I don’t think I deserved it, but he took the reigns and gifted me a Nook Color Tablet.

The best part? I didn’t have to choose!! WHEEEEEE!!!!

My blogosphere friends were very kind, too! I got Sithy Lewt™!!!

Nicole gifted me the T-shirt and Vader Kitty earrings, and The Queen gifted me a Lego™ LED keychain. Yes, my keys are on it now. Yes, I have been flashing it on the kids. Stop judging me… you would have done the same thing.

Tomorrow I shall wear my Sithy earrings and shirt as I carry my keychain while shopping. The Force™ will definitely be with me 😉

Color My World

I was struck today by a beautiful quote I read by the artist, Marc Chagall.

In our life there is a single color, as on an artist’s pallette, which provides the meaning of life and art. It is the color of love.

Most of us are concrete about such things as color. Leaves are green, skies are blue, clouds are white (around here, we prefer them grey!). But emotions, charged or subtle, have colors too. When we are sad, we are blue. When we are mad, we see red. When we are envious, we turn green, unless we have had too much alcohol. Then it’s literal and not figurative. But love? Is the color of love that deep dark red that flows through our veins? Is it the soft blue of a calm lake? Could it be the bright green of the new buds of Spring? Or maybe the blazing orange of a bonfire? Perhaps, the dark glowing umber in the smoldering embers?

Courtesy of Matus at Deviantart

The truth is, everyone sees the color of love differently, because love is not as easily defined as anger, or jealousy, or sadness. I close my eyes and try to picture what love’s true color is in my mind. And as the pallette of emotions drips its paints on my heart and soul, I come to the realization that love, true love, is simply colorblind. 🙂

The Printed Word

I love books. Hubby can tell y’all he can walk through the house and see a book open and face down on the desk, endtables, my nightstand, bathtub, and sometimes next to the computer, whichever one I’m using most at the time. My kids love to gift me handmade bookmarks, because they know I will use each and every one of them.

There are over thirty books in this photo. No, I don't need help.

Yes, those are my llamas right by the basket o’books. I love the feel of the pages as I turn them. I love the sound of the rustling as I fan a book. I love how the plot thickens as I reach a new chapter.

But now, I have a quandary.

First it was Kindle™, and then the Nook™. And now, there’s this:

Image courtesy of Amazon

My sister loves her Nook, as does my dad. I have resisted the siren’s song to own an e-reader, mostly because I enjoy the somatosensoriness* of a book, and because I am clueless as to how one works. I have resisted the siren’s wail to own an iPad because…. well, it’s too hipster for me. That, and I am clueless as to how one works. But this newfangled thing calls to me like Butch to Sundance… like Cagney to Lacey…. like chocolate to…. anything.

I think my Christmas List has just gotten a wee bit longer.

*It’s my blog, and I can make up words if I so wish. So there 😀

Networking Fail

Sometimes it’s fun to be on a social network. You get to see what your friends are up to, and catch up on current events, and best of all, keep track of your kids and their friends. The worst part about it is the ads. Sure, I understand that’s an income generator for the network, but sometimes their ad placement leaves me wondering. This is what came up, after I had clicked on a link on YouTube:

Uh, excuse me?? Credit card application and boudoir photography? And for those of you wondering, the video was Still Alive from the “Portal” videogame. I still can’t get that earworm out of my head. And what Portal and the cake being delicious and moist has to do with boudoir photography and American Express, I still don’t know.

Unless it’s a lie 😉

Unanswered Questions

What a way to start off my Monday. As is my habit, I check Facebook in the morning for snippets of news and to see what everyone else is doing for the day. I’m curious, I admit it. Anyway, I look over to see that I have been “poked” by several friends. And that got me to thinking…

What is the purpose of the Facebook “poke”?


Really, what is the point of it? It has no purpose, other than to let someone else know that you thought highly enough of them to virtually stick your finger out and plunge it against their virtual chest. If someone were to actually do that to me in reality, I would be forced to take their finger and break it.

Which leads to another question: why isn’t there a “break finger” option to “poking” on Facebook?? 😉