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At Least It’s Not Tuesday the 17th

And Bianca’s not toast*.

I’m not a superstitious gal. Ok, I’m just a little stitious*. I like black cats, walk under ladders, have broken enough mirrors to have supposed “bad luck” until the year 59,326 AD, spill salt all over the kitchen, and open umbrellas indoors in order to make sure they work before I step into rain.

Who wants to be caught in a downpour with a broken umbrella?

Apparently there is a convergence of Cosmic Karma™ this evening. Not only is it Friday the 13th, but there will be a full moon as well. That means we will be going outside with my awesome Celestron™ telescope to watch the moon.

Moon in color

M-O-O-N!! That spells “moon”*.

I hope y’all enjoy the evening, and if you see any werewolves, send them to Trader Vic’s* 😉

*Leave a comment if you get the references!

Celestial Sithy

One of my favorite haunts is HubbleSite. I love me some astronomy! Of course, perusing that site eventually makes you pick and choose your favorites, even though the entire gallery is magnificent in scope and information. And this is one of mine:

A chocolate-covered cherry in the Cosmos.

This is V838 Monocerotis, and you are looking at the light echo from the red supergiant star, which illuminates the dust surrounding it.

Don’t forget: tonight is a full moon! Go outside and enjoy the heavens!!