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I Need a Time Machine

It’s that time of year again. Pretty soon, little ghouls and princesses will be coming around to get their fix of sugar, and after that, little family members will be coming around for turkey and pie, and after that….

It doesn’t bear thinking about right now.

I tend to do most of my creative stuff during the fall. I admit I like to dress up in costumes to greet the unsuspecting innocents trick-or-treaters. I am never scary intentionally. Notice the use of the word, “intentionally”. It matters. This year, I was toying with the idea of doing a Steampunk costume. I do own *ahem* some of the accoutrements needed, not to mention I can fashion out a wicked set of goggles in a snap, plus I’m pretty handy with glue and needles.

Costume by La Licorne Ailee via Deviantart

And as totally cool as that would be, I am more than 100% sure that most of the kids wouldn’t even know what my costume represents. I could always fall back on the ever-reliable Roman toga, but then I run the risk of kids yelling “ANIMAL HOUSE!!!”, when they should NOT know about that at their age. It’s a quandary. Oh well…never too late to start planning, right?

Time to rummage through the fixtures at Home Depot™ 😀



I hate having a bad hair day. Seems like those are the ONLY ones I have. In a futile attempt at “styling” my hair this morning, I decided to twist separate wet strands and then roll and pin to my head. I had little cinnamon buns all over my head, which then made me hungry. I went off to try and clean up my work areas and organize my craft supplies, because it’s Eldest’s senior year and I had to get stuff to make her Homecoming mum, among other things. After a while I notice my hair is dry, so like an excited child unwrapping a present, I get all giddy thinking I will look like a gal in a Pantene™ commercial and run downstairs to undo the Cinnaminis™.

Can you say “Mufasa”?? YES, YOU CAN!!!

Seriously, the photo does not capture the fluffiness of the debacle that is my hair. I think next time I will do Cinnabons™ a la Princess Leia. Thank goodness I have no place to be. There’s only so many times I can take hearing “Circle of Life” from laughing kids 😉

If the Shoe Fits

I’m a woman. I love shoes. It is an Axiom of Life™, and one that is almost universally accepted. Even my cousin who goes barefoot through the jungle and seldom wears anything on her feet loves shoes. My sister is addicted to shoes, and I am but an amateur compared to her.

Yesterday, a friend linked a story at that-social-site-that-has-faces that made me covet, covet like I have never coveted anything in my life.

Christian Louboutin designs a slipper for today’s Cinderella

This is the juxtaposition of so many wonderrific things I want with the force of ten thousand Betelgeuses, at seven orders of magnitude. First, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, he of the Red Soled Shoes™ that caress and form to every curve of your foot, making your legs look as if they go on forever. I have wanted a pair of his shoes for years. Every time I see the red sole I salivate. Some women love Jimmy Choo, others love Salvatore Ferragamo, and still some worship at the heel of Stuart Weitzman. But they pale in comparison to the absolute poetry of a Louboutin heel.

Second, BUTTERFLIES, and I don’t mean just any butterflies. A masterful butterfly heads the shoe and a smaller one caresses the heel, bringing attention to the sensual curve below the calf. I have a thing for butterflies, in case you didn’t know. And they strike me as a sign of femininity, so I love to wear their likeness.

Third, shimmery, translucent LACE. The epitome of femininity and charm, used in lieu of glass or lucite (let’s face it: a foot doesn’t look attractive encased in plastic. It reminds me of hamhocks). But lace always makes skin look luminous and pretty, while hiding small imperfections. That’s what I read in a Frederick’s of Hollywood catalog, anyway.

Fourth, beautiful BLING. While the lace smooths out the skin, and crystals give the illusion of glass. Yes, some people may think bling should be reserved for weddings and evening attire, but not me. Bling is pretty and it makes people look, and after all, why go through life unnoticed??

Alas, they are not meant to be for moi. Christian Louboutin made them as part of a collaboration with Disney™ for the Blu-Ray™ release of Walt Disney’s Cinderella. The shoes were such a hit that he will be gifting one lucky winner here in the U.S. with a limited edition pair. And I know it won’t be me. But a dream is a wish your heart makes, when you fall asleep.

And I will be dreaming 😉


Oh, it is. Trust me.

Today I am going to go pick up a friend’s niece so she can come over and hang out with my girls. That sounds fine so far, since they get to play video games and gossip. But that’s not all…

I’m taking them to the mall.


Yes, I’m still on a financial diet, and yes, I have been very, VERY good. But that’s not the worst part. No….taking three very excited girls in a vehicle and shepherding them is the worst part. I might as well fix myself a drink and have it waiting for my return. Maybe two drinks.

I’ll make a pitcher.

Pray for me!! 😉

I Don’t Have a Thing to Wear

I was looking through the closet, trying to put clothes aside to pack for the fifth ring of Hades the family reunion.

My jeans don’t fit.

My shirts are loose.

And let’s not go into the intimates.

Normally this would be an occasion to WHOOP and holler, but no. I don’t want to buy new clothes. I want to wear my old ones! Those are the ones I like! And the funny thing is, I gave all of my smaller clothing to my sister while she was here. And no, no backsies!

So, today I will be attempting to alter clothes in the vain hope that #1- they fit a bit better, and #2- I don’t screw up. All I know is, the drinks on Saturday will help me forget about uneven darts and hemlines 😉

How to Get Brownie Points on Mother’s Day

Yeah, I’m still operating at impulse power, and what better way to use impulse than to go shopping, right?? Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and I know some of y’all tend to wait until the last freakin’ minute overthink about the perfect gift.

Well, that’s what I’m here for. I am your Fairy Aggie. Oh, shut it, and read on.

Jewelry and knick knacks tend to be perennial favorites, but there comes a time that they become run-of-the-mill, and totally expected. Try to think outside the jewelry box. As y’all know, I am a big, BIG fan of PJs. Nothing better than wearing comfy PJs and relaxing, in my opinion. If the mom in your life is like that, she would looooove these:

As always, model not included, so don’t bother asking.

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Back in the Groove

Some of you may be familiar with what I’m typing about. Hubby is deployed for a certain amount of time, and upon return, we need to re-establish our habits once again. Last time he was deployed, I pretty much left him alone for the first few weeks, letting him acclimatize to his surroundings again. It makes for a weird living arrangement, but it seems to work.

This time I figured on doing the same thing. After all, the Sinai is not exactly the most stable region in the area. But I get a vibe that some things have changed in the weirdest ways. Yesterday he told me he was ready to get rid of his old clothes, since “that’s not his wardrobe” any more. And he told me he needed to go shopping for shoes. SHOES!!! Yeah, that tripped me up a bit, until I saw his Timberland boots. They are almost ten years old, pretty torn up and need replacing. I did heave a sigh of relief. So today, WE SHOP!!

But not for long, for obvious reasons. He has Mass Effect 3 waiting 😉

Because More of a Good Thing Is a Good Thing

You know the feeling when you find a pair of shoes that are comfortable, or jeans that fit you so well that you wish you had more in every color??

Yeah, I get that feeling, too. I just take it further sometimes. Last year I found really comfortable sweat pants, so what did I do? I bought five pairs, two in the same color. That was either because I forgot I owned them in that color already, or because I was a little over zealous. This applies to lipstick and nail polish, as well. There have been a few times when I have found a beautiful shade of rose only to find out it was a limited edition nail color. This last week I found the perfect summer pink and bought three bottles of it.

This past month I was at the Soma™ store, and found a really nice dress. It was on sale, but they had a medium, which was too big (WHOO HOO!!!!) and an extra small, which fit rather clingy. Clingy can be good, but I tend to avoid it. I like more “flowy” dresses for two reasons: 1) I can move more freely, and 2) well….let’s just say I prefer no one else to know my sizes in everything. Sadly, there was no size small, so I thought my search for the dress was over. Until I went online.

Model not included, especially since she is wearing an extra small.

THEY HAD IT IN MY SIZE!!!! And that’s not all. They had two other solid colors!! So of course I have to get those, too!! It’s one thing to have two pairs of black sweat pants, and quite another to have two dresses in the same print. Just not done, right? And since I am so short, the dress comes down past my knees, which makes it perfect.

Of course, this means now I have to go find the perfect pair of shoes. More than likely three pairs, in different colors 😉

Me, and Mini Me

Today both older kids have ROTC commitments, and that just leaves me with Little One.

I had it all planned: we would go early to the outlet mall, have something to munch on while I took her to her favorite stores, checked out Soma for more PJ’s, then lunch at Johnny Rockets.

The reality? She slept in, decided she didn’t want to go at the last minute. So, I decided to just read a bit before starting to finish folding the clothes waiting by my bed.

So what happens? After I tell her she needs to stop watching TV and clean her room, she then decides that the outlet mall is a great idea!

Convenient, huh? But that’s ok, because she gets to clean her room after we return.

There’s a price to pay for fun in the Sith Empire 😉

Stupid Fashion Rules

I am not one to blindly follow the fashion trends and fads. If I like something, then I will wear it, and probably keep it until the day I die. Or until it disintegrates. But sometimes those fads and trends do not make sense. For example, the most oft quoted fashion rule of all:

No White After Labor Day

Who knew there is history behind that?? Not only history, but common sense when it was still common. However, that rule is considered archaic by most people, and kept only by the most rigid fashionistas. So, in order to meet both contingents in the middle, fashion designers came up with the concept of winter white.

So yes, they took a color commonly known as cream and repackaged it. I think that was Coco Chanel’s idea. And I know, most men would still call that just plain white.

Another rule I have never understood:

Match Your Purse and Shoes

This is my current purse:

You bet a year’s worth of Godiva™ that I’m not going out to get the matching shoes. I love the print, but there’s a limit. Common sense dictates that your prints don’t clash. But let’s face it: it’s not like most people will be carefully looking at your shoes anyway!

And one that gets under my skin:

No Blazer With Jeans

That trend started in college. It was wildly popular. So popular that the local thrift stores were making a killing selling old men’s blazers to young college co-eds who wanted to look trendy. And no matter what fashion magazines say, it’s still popular today. Fashionistas say that it is “cheating” to wear a blazer or jacket with jeans, because you are trying to make a casual garment (the jeans) into more formal attire.

To that I say, Pfffffffffft!! If I like it, I will wear it!!

Remember, the only rule to follow in fashion is the one you make for yourself!!