Water, Water, Everywhere….

….but not a drop of hot water to bathe in.

That’s right. My water heater went out last Friday and my descent into insanity continues at a faster pace than normal. I have given up everything good for Lent!!! Why hast thou forsaken me, water heater???

This is always the way: the moment you no longer have something, that’s the moment you desperately need it. I can go forever without water to drink, but shut the water off for repairs and suddenly your mouth is the Sahara in the summer. Electricity goes out, and now you just have to turn on every light and cook something or bake something. It never fails. And it didn’t help that a cold front (cold by my standards) moved through so now the water is absolutely frigid.


Seriously!! I should be grateful to have water at all, and I am….. rather grudgingly. In the grand scheme of things, it could have been far worse. I just really, really miss my tub. And the feeling in my toes. Hopefully the water heater will be replaced and be up and running by this evening. If you see news reports of a crazy woman storming Lowe’s demanding a water heater, don’t judge her too harshly. Her brain probably froze 😉

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