Well, 2016 Is Off to a Rocky Start…

It has been rough getting the motivation to write. Lately I have had to catch up on my health, getting yearly check-ups, making sure bones aren’t dissolving, etc. With the start of a new year, many people are beginning the “New Year, New You” routines for better health.

I am not really among them.

But I do plan on improving myself in certain areas. I have been learning to redo and repair furniture (my sister Reno Queen would be proud), purging paperwork that is decades old (found boxes in the garage that I thought were full of books, go figure), learning to patch plaster and drywall, and of course, painting everything in sight. I found a little Florentine table that had lost most of its gilt and decided to paint it in ASCP Emperor’s Silk, a red that should have been called French Bordello, in my opinion. Wait until I post the “before and after” so you can see what I mean.

I also have plans to continue my vocational education, and learn welding. No, I never saw Flashdance. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to learn. I figure if I can do well in it I can use it for artistic purposes, because who wouldn’t want to make their own version of an Alexander Calder mobile, right?? I think learning vo-tech is a good way to stay active in the coming seasoned years, so to speak. Lord knows I am not about to start jogging or doing Zumba. If I didn’t start when I was younger, it ain’t happening when I’m older.

Hopefully my resolution to learn how to use all sorts of power tools will culminate in re-organizing the garage into a working work station. Here’s looking at maybe six weeks of work. Well, if I start now, that is. After all, there’s bound to be something that crops up to stall me. Last week, it was friends from out of town. I imagine this week will involve a package of Fig Newtons and aย Firefly marathon.

A gal has to have priorities ๐Ÿ˜‰

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9 responses to “Well, 2016 Is Off to a Rocky Start…

  • roamingfirehydrant

    Firefly drinking game here http://imgur.com/gallery/2a4bP

    I’m in a Sherlock marathon (https://imgur.com/gallery/h7kCy) in between bouts of cleaning. I finally threw out all the free Christmas cards, birthday cards, and other assorted bribes from charities. Organizing cookbooks next.

    Welding sounds like fun. Mini-me and Mr. RFH are talking about taking the four-Saturday course at the local community college. There’s no certification, but it’s a lot cheaper than the cert course.

  • RabidAlien

    Nothing wrong with a Firefly marathon. Or three.

    One of these days I’ll scrape some pennies together and take the blacksmithing courses at one of the local colleges here. Gonna be around $1300 total for all four courses, butt hey, they’re 13 weeks’ worth of anvil-pounding time EACH. So I figger there’s some serious value there. Go weld. Just go do it.

  • Tim Turner

    Aggie, I am almost the exact opposite of you.

    I’m darned old, but instead of boldly going forth to explore new worlds of welding, relationships, crafting or furniture repair, I’ve decided to don the equivalent of pajamas (sweat pants, a warm shirt and a robe, plus socks and my wife-knitted booties) and read political blogs, free novels and movies online and uplifting witty blogs such as yours.

    Please take satisfaction that some of us find your writing uplifting, humorous and enlightening.

    All my best;
    Tim Turner

  • Keebler

    Aggie!! This is Keebler. I was blocked on FR. Do you know why, or will you find out? Please!

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