Home Improvement Part…. I Have No Idea

Slowly but surely I am upgrading each room in the house. As much as I would LOVE to have the Flynn Ryder twin come in and give my house a makeover worthy of Architecture Digest™, we just don’t have the moolah for that. Still, some things are worth improving due to the certain disrepair that comes with age. The bathroom tops that list for me, narrowly edging out the kitchen by a tenth of a hair. Water damage, mildew damage, curling iron damage…. it all adds up. So this year’s home improvement lottery winner was the main hall bathroom. Yes, my sanctuary will have to wait a few years before I can bring it up to Empress standards. It’s a sacrifice I was willing to make.

This is the bathroom before.

bath before 1

Not bad, but you can’t see the water damage behind the sink (THANK GOODNESS!!). It was a waste of space, having all that countertop and uncomfortable to have the sink right by the door.

bath before 2

That cabinet above the commode? I lost count how many times I hit my head on it while cleaning the tub area. The photo is a bit out of focus, so you don’t see the lack of grout and sealant around the tub very well. That led to serious water damage behind the spigot. And as the tile was removed, we saw the lack of waterproofing done to the tub area. Builder grade fail.

So we decided on a very nice option. Instead of tile, we got a tile look-alike. Massive water proofing and sound reducing foam behind the walls, smaller counter area and larger storage, and lose the head-clobbering cabinet. And voilá!!


Smaller commode, too.


See the pseudo subway tile? SHINY!!!


And FINALLY storage for linens and things (SWIDT??). Now I can host all my blog and internet friends and feel no shame that the mildew is staring back at them. And just in time for me to have my dad come to visit, too.

Next up: painting the kitchen cabinets and updating my rickety stove, the non-washing dishwasher, and the Monolith, a.k.a. the refrigerator. But that will wait a few years while I save up for it 🙂

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