Simple Observations on Southern Living

This weekend was full of surprises. I am not one who is fond of surprises, bad or good. But it’s an observation that the bad ones happen without consent, and the good ones always require planning.

In the years I have lived in Texas, the A/C unit has gone out a few times. And it is a solid observation that it always goes out during the weekend, when A/C repair is not available.

Iced tea comes with both sugar and ice. Though unsweetened is no hardship to order, it is an observation that you will be looked upon suspiciously by the server if you ask for no ice.

Country roads are narrow. Though usually two-lane roads, it’s an observation that it’s just a wide one lane road. One can drive down the middle, as long as A) you scoot back to you lane with oncoming traffic, and 2) wave as they pass you by. The latter is mandatory.

Wildflowers are abundant and pesky, in a charming way. It is an observation that a lady will always appreciate any flower picked for her over one bought randomly. It takes guts to go out and pick out flowers on the side of the highway instead of ordering them by phone. All Southern ladies know this. However, all will appreciate any and ALL flowers anyway.

Football is a big deal in the South. It is an observation that we will talk trash with each other over our teams, and in the same breath defend them to those outside of our state who know NOTHING about football etiquette. We can trash our own state teams, but it’s always State over Team*, any day.

Anyway, time for me to get going. It is an observation that my presence is required early in the kitchen on days ending in “Y”. That’s not a Southern thing. That’s a regular thing ๐Ÿ™‚

*Except for t.u. That’s my exception and I’m sticking to it.

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5 responses to “Simple Observations on Southern Living

  • RabidAlien

    Observation: This state is blessed with an abundance of armadillos and squirrels. Hitting one on the road is not only NOT a sad occasion, it is worth at least one high-five (two of you can get it to bounce into oncoming traffic).

    Observation: Texans are not only aware of little lever sticking out of the left side of your steering column, but are versed in its use. Those who change lanes or turn without using the turn signal are Yankees, regardless of Place-Of-Birth. Those Texans with inoperable turn signals, for whatever reason, will resort to using standard DOT hand-signals and gestures to indicate intention. All Texans are well versed in standard highway-driving gestures (may or may not be DOT-approved).

    Observation: Texans are patriotic. Pro-military trumps local football (albeit not by much, as a good portion of our high-school football players will wear this country’s uniform). No one may disparage or put down any branch of the military, national guard, or reserves without being able to instantly provide proof of their own service. Failure to do so renders all police deaf and blind for a period of no less than twenty minutes. EMS may be slow to respond.

    Observation: BBQ is a food group.

    • bbuddha

      RE: observation #1 if you do this in the presence of a date don’t be surprised if she no longer returns your calls.
      #2 Although I am a Yankee by birth (I wasn’t consulted) i know how to use a turn signal and frequently am forced into unladylike language by those twits around me who are unaware of this and all other driving etiquette.
      #3 nuff said
      #4 Yummy

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