It’s Not Even March, and I Already Have a List of Things That Annoy Me

I use the word “annoy” because I know the NSA is listening.

Last year the list was compiled around July. I was hoping this year’s list would be compiled around November, but no such luck. Please bear with me. I need to vent a bit.

In fact, I suggest y’all vent while you still can.

Net Neutrality is becoming more of a certainty than a myth. It’s almost like they have forgotten the fiasco called Fairness Doctrine. But that doesn’t matter, because there is a pen and a phone involved. The same administration that botched a healthcare website wants to have control of the Internet, because 1934 was a very good year. And speaking of the Internet…

….The dress is ugly. Just drop it already. While people have been fighting over the colors, ISIS decided to start moving into Lebanon, Putin is cradling the Ukraine, bloggers are being targeted and at least one who is an American citizen has been beheaded in the name of *puny god*, the administration is pushing for an ammunition ban, and the president of this fine country is making sure to play chicken with Congress. But I bet that dress will be the Halloween costume of 2015.

We have an administration that is willing to fight the enemy with hashtags, and an enemy that is willing to fight us with death. But most people are still swooning over who wore it best at the Oscars, or wondering when Kim Kardashian will attempt to break the Internet again, or who will win American Idol #3,482. Our own leaders refuse to acknowledge the religious dogma of those who wish to kill in that name. Is it any wonder wine sales are up?

I’m annoyed. I am very annoyed. And I really hope y’all are, too.

Complacency is the fastest way to a ball and chain.

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10 responses to “It’s Not Even March, and I Already Have a List of Things That Annoy Me

  • Lemur King

    At my limit for annoyance. His Holiness’ pen flourish over the 2nd Amendment is all kinds of scary, but not as scary as the lack of outrage.

  • hilljohnny

    step aside wine, the is a job for cheap whisky.

  • terribletroy

    Im beyond annoyed. This ammo ban thing is really a key indicator of these peoples motivations. They justify the ban by reclassifying a rifle round as a pistol round and further reclassify the round as armor piercing and that they have to ban it because of safety issues for LE.

    Its just a coinky dink that the round just happens to one of the most popular rounds for the most popular rifle in the US. Its not as if LE doesn’t have access to higher level armors for their personnel. And there is no case history of LE being shot with this round on a regular basis and criminals generally do not invest in weapons platforms that cost more than 500 dollars.

    So one must ask themselves why? And the answer to that is simple. THEY DONT WANT YOU TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST THEM. And they dont want you to be able to do that because they fully intend to do things in the future that will cause you to want to kill them. Its just that simple.

    People better wake the EF up. They are busy eliminating all the checks and balances placed in our system to prevent totalitarianism.(think about it…eliminating all the checks and balances)

    Teach your children properly….this is not going to end well

  • scottthebadger

    I know of no LEOs that want 5.56 NATO banned. But one must remember that being a Police Chief rarely has anything to do with being a Law Enforcement Officer, they are all to often political creatures.

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