What. A. Week.

I swear, every time I sat down to write something would take me away. I may not have much to say but I still want to type it out.

First, our trip to Eldest’s graduation was full of surprises. I had no idea that cold could possibly get colder, or that wind could get any windier. It was so cold and windy, the graduates were given outerwear and we had to wait for their leaders to collect their coats prior to commencement and at the end. Afterwards we enjoyed our crowded stay inside the NEX as we watched sn*w falling. Once we could make our way to the vehicle, our new sailor expressed her wishes for the day. My taste for coffee was challenged when we took her to Starbucks. She was dying for a fix, and I was dying for actual coffee which I didn’t find thus I had to settle for hot chocolate. Then my geography knowledge was challenged when I found myself willing to drive to Wisconsin. No, we didn’t stop for any cheese. But we did stop to take a picture with the sign. After that, we made our way to a mall where she could have another Starbucks fix and wander around, whereupon my shopping gene was challenged and kept under strict control. The following day we were fortunate enough to spend a few hours at the airport with her as well, before our flights departed, ours for home, and hers for her duty station. And through all of this, she is ecstatic to have her phone back.

Second, ever had to make a diorama? Remember the fun you had making a three dimensional scene? Me neither. Little One had to make a stage set to SCALE for her tech theater class. When I say to scale, I mean everything had to be measured and built from scratch. No cheating at the hobby shop. Her assignment was to detail a living room in a 1970’s mansion. Break out the velvet sofas and gold brocade walls, right? Good thing I had all that stuff in my craft room. No, not actual gaudy wallpaper but gold paint and velvet I had in spades. Then came the hard part: making furniture. If I never see another piece of cardboard it will be too soon. Unless it’s a box from the Lolita website. Then it’s ok.

Third, nothing like trying to organize Thanksgiving get-together while still in the middle of home improvements. Luckily all that will be over by next week. Especially if I can convince my sister Reno Queen to change out a couple of light fixtures. If she has time, that is. Otherwise I will deal with unsightly holes in the ceiling and candlelight, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

But the highlight of the week belongs to Son, who was named a National Merit Commended Scholar, earning him a scholarship due to his incredibly high score on the PSAT/ NMSQT. The first of many accolades to come for the brainiac, I’m sure. If only he would get his driver’s license….

So, that’s this week’s wrap-up from gloomy South Texas. We are headed for a massive amount of rain,which means I need to get in gear and do all the grocery shopping before that happens. I’m not fool enough to go out during a rainstorm. Flash flooding always, ALWAYS wins. Also, I don’t particularly care for the wet-cat-through-hedge look.

Have a great Friday 🙂

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25 responses to “What. A. Week.

  • xbradtc

    Wow! Congrats to Son on the National Merit. That’s a sterling achievement!

  • MCPO Airdale

    Congratulations to your Sailor and to your son! We are in “Panic Mode Bravo” ahead of my son’s family visit to the Hobbit Hole. I have stocked beers, ales and spirits. But, I have yet to bake the breads and rolls. . .

  • Teresa in Fort Worth, TX

    Congrats on everything! Certainly makes up for all of the *other* news that’s out there right now…..

  • reiuxcat

    I’m happy for y’all. 🙂

  • roamingfirehydrant

    What WAS it with this week? School, church, work, family, pure chaos. I’m holing up tonight in an undisclosed location with a bottle of wine and a good bar of chocolate and not answering the $*&#^%* phone.

    Congrats to Eldest on her graduation and to Son for his Merit Scholar status and to Little One for surviving tech theater. Rocketboy never had an assignment like that, but then he got to use power tools to make the stage sets.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      I can’t hole up until after Thanksgiving. I’m so sorry you are going through all that too. Must be karma out of wine.

      Oh, and Little One loves, I mean LOVES using the power tools for the stage sets. She wants a set for her own! Thanks for the well wishes 🙂

  • mrfixitou812

    Congrats to Eldest, and your son. And to you, for keeping it all together!

  • GuyS

    Everyone above has said it all, and or better. But congrats from the hinterlands on your Sailor graduating…and heading off to the first (of hopefully many) of her Navy Technical Schools. And to your son…congratulations as well!!! You must be busting your buttons over both of them right about now, and deservedly so!!

    I am so glad you were able to sample some of our fine Northern Illinois weather !!! [/sarc] We have the pleasure of experiencing this every single year! Dad used to say, “Shoveling this (referring to snow, not facile matter) builds character”…..Well, over the years, I now have character to burn. Want some/?

    Finally, good luck on the upcoming holiday feast. Hope you are able to beat the rain, and are able to get all your shopping out of the way.

  • scottthebadger

    So, you made it into The Land of the Badgers?

  • thelasttradition1

    Hello Sithy Things

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  • scottthebadger

    Where is Eldest going, for A School? When you buy power tools for your youngest, remember to buy Milwaukee, they are worth it.

    • Ogrrre

      For cabinetry and furniture making, I prefer DeWalt circular saws, sanders, cordless and corded drills, and saber saws. I like Milwaukee for hard duty use like demolition in the first steps in remodeling.

  • John DuMond

    Gloomy South Texas? I’ll happily trade the snow that’s bearing down on us for your massive amounts of rain. 😉

    Congrats to your daughter and son. A job well done, times two.

  • scottthebadger

    My mouse icon is a dinosaur. The snow aims for the dino, you move the dino, the snow falls toward him!

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