Daily Archives: November 12, 2014

Plane, Metro, and Automobile

This week Eldest graduates from Navy boot camp. That translates to her parents travelling northward by plane, by metro, and by taxi into the maelstrom that is the polar vortex*.

Momma ain’t happy.

I hate cold weather. Snow is pretty, especially when you watch it fall from the comfort of your home while drinking hot chocolate and standing right inside beside the fireplace. Right now I am wearing thick wool socks, sweatpants, long-sleeve shirt, sweater, and have a heat pad set on high. I am >< to buying fur-lined boots for the trip. FUR-LINED BOOTS!!! That should tell you just how desperate I am to avoid frostbite. There is an upside to winter, though.

winter pie chart

In my opinion, that pie chart should be a solid tan color. So brace yourselves: complaining here about the cold is coming. And that will most likely follow complaining about my trip to the tundra.

Someone should tell Canada to take back the weather 😀

*Yes, I’m using that term, but only because I picture polar bears in a tornado.