Daily Archives: November 6, 2014

Random Gratefulness

It’s November and that means Thanksgiving and that leads to recognizing the things for which we are grateful. I understand that there are many, so very many things and I see in social media a daily account of friends listing their blessings. It’s very touching to see and it also helps to put things in perspective. I don’t participate because I prefer to keep that private. But there are some random things, basic, mundane, everyday things to which I would like to express appreciation.

For example, I am grateful for locks. They have some rather unique uses. I am grateful for the ability to prevent my kids from using my fabric scissors on their cardboard projects.

locked scissors

I am also grateful for that awesome 80’s hair fashion holdover, the scrunchie. Without it, all the power cords behind the entertainment center would resemble Medusa on a bad day.


Lastly, I am very grateful for the ever-present margarine containers. They are so handy. Not just for storing the coming Thanksgiving leftovers for friends to take home so that it doesn’t overcrowd my refrigerator, but also for the sundry crafting stuff that apparently seems to disappear the minute I need it, and re-appear once I am done with whatever project I had. And because I don’t microwave in them, I don’t release poly-something.


So there you have it. Random things I am thankful to have around. I would have listed Duct Tape™ and WD-40™, but they go without saying, as does the rope and shovel. Hope y’all have a great Thursday 😉