Helpful Hints From Aggie

Sometimes I amaze myself. What takes most people minutes to learn usually takes me several months, maybe even years. It’s not that I am a slow learner. Ok, maybe I am a little bit. But I think it’s mostly that I am resistant to change. Hm…. that’s not really it, either.

Let’s just go with, I am not the swiftest boat out there.


Yes, I feel like this sometimes.

As y’all know, I changed out the ceiling fan in my bedroom, and will be gifting the old fan to a friend. Well, can’t have the fan just sitting in the middle of the floor, right? So I have to take it apart and box it separately. I learned that one should remove the lightbulbs before removing the light shades. As a side note, lay down some newspaper to catch any broken lightbulb pieces so they do not become embedded in your dreadful Berber carpeting.

Yesterday, I decided to start getting rid of clothes that no longer fit. If I haven’t worn it in two years, out it goes to the donation pile. It doesn’t bless anyone just hanging in my closet, right? Today I learned that tangled hangers can become weapons of mass disruption as they take down the stuff on the shelves above. For future reference, check hangers and remove clothing while standing, instead of pulling down clothes while sitting on the closet floor. That way you can avoid being the victim of an avalanche.

This morning I decided to reorganize the pantry. Turns out the kids think the pantry is the perfect place to stuff almost empty bags of chips and cookie boxes, not to mention I think it’s the perfect place to store crap that I think I *may* need at a later date. I admit I am just as guilty as the kids. The only one who doesn’t contribute to the wreckage in that bottomless pit is Hubby, mostly because he only goes in there for the jar of almonds, and maybe peanut butter. Moving on, this morning I learned that I should check the status of bags of grain before moving, specifically whether or not they are open. Using a container to store said grains or even a clip to seal bags will prevent itty bitty grains of rice and quinoa to go scattering all over the pantry shelves and floor, delighting the dogs to the unexpected treat. As an aside, you might as well take a vacuum to it because it is virtually impossible to get all of the quinoa with a broom.

I hope my little helpful hints will help y’all live your lives a bit better. I’m no Heloise, but at least you can learn from my experiences and have a laugh as well.Β  Welcome to my Monday! πŸ˜€


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13 responses to “Helpful Hints From Aggie

  • Clete Orris

    The Hell with HeloIse! You are far more eloquent and amusing.

    You paint a vivid moving portrait with your words. πŸ˜€

  • hilljohnny

    waiter, there’s a breakfast on my hare!!

  • scottthebadger

    I’m at a loss, as to why someone would lift up their pancake, take out the plate, and substitute a rabbit. I used to keep time with a woman who had been a Bunny in the early ’80’s. I don’t know if rabbits like pancakes, but Bunnys like ’em, specially with Boysenberry syrup. Badgers will happily make Bunnys pancakes, for the Boysenberry flavored reward smootches, if nothing else. ( Sandy could still put her costume on, by the way )

  • Radical Redneck

    Aggs! Are you still on yoo-hoo IM? I put in a friend request about a week ago.

    Also, is H&B coming back? 😦

  • RabidAlien

    Ya know, I never really understood the irony(?) or message(?) behind the photo of the bunny with a pancake on its head. All I see when I look at that picture is “breakfast, but the meat looks a little under-done”.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! There is an actual story behind the photo. As I recall, a Japanese gentleman trained his bunny to balance a pancake on its head, just to see if he could. He photographed it, and it went viral. The bunny has passed away since then, but his popularity has not πŸ˜€

  • scr_north

    Off topic but what happened to your website? Since Friday (I think) when I go to it all I get is a white screen. No errors, just a white screen. Explorer has attached to something (hookersandbooze) but just a white screen.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      H&B is down for a few weeks due to javascript problems. ArmedGeek (the owner) will be retooling it as soon as he has some time off. Meanwhile, H&B material and the usual weekly posts can be found at Uncivil Peasants (in blogroll). Hope to see you there πŸ˜€

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