Worst Case Scenarios, Part MCMLXXX

It always happens, no matter what we are doing or where we are travelling.

Hubby has the ability to think of 55 x 10³ things at once. It’s a gift and a curse. It does not matter if we are out having ice cream at Baskin Robbins™. In the middle of a delectable bite of Cherries Jubilee, he will ask any one of us a question involving a possible, but highly improbable scenario. It was no different yesterday on the way back from visiting family.

Hubby: Suppose we are on the way home, and suddenly you see a mushroom cloud go up in the distance. What would you do?

Me: Are you serious right now?

Hubby: Yes. What would YOU do??

Me: Uh, well… take my family away from it??

Hubby: And then what?

Me: Pray.

As an after thought I would also go beyond a place of high elevation to let the radiation rain off. But I was a bit groggy from dozing off in the vehicle. Once I was awake, we developed the “WWYD” scenario, to the flip side.

Hubby: What places would the bad guys send a nuclear bomb, and why?

Eldest: Well, high population areas, like major cities.

Me: Hmmmm…. San Andreas Fault, and Yellowstone.

Hubby: Damn honey, you are evul.

Me: Well, yeah. Oh, and add the TVA while you’re at it.

He may think of a metric ton of stuff at once, but I hone my focus to a singularity for effect. It’s a gift, not a curse 😉

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28 responses to “Worst Case Scenarios, Part MCMLXXX

  • reiuxcat

    He seemed rather quiet when I met him. 😉

  • mrfixitou812

    He may think of a metric ton of stuff at once, but I hone my focus to a singularity for effect. It’s a gift, not a curse.

    It’s a feature, not a bug. You are a Sith Empress, after all. 😀

  • Dave C

    I asked my wife once if we were stuck on a deserted island and she died, would it be okay for me to cook her leg.

    She gave me the funniest look…

  • Lemur King

    Nuh-uh, Sith…it is a curse when one wants to do nothing in particular, and it is a curse when you are bored, and it would certainly be a curse if you and your family were not as intelligent as yours is… But generally it is pretty darned interesting. Every moment is a chance to learn something, which is why it was so fun hanging out.

    As far as mushroom cloud – it is my understanding you are better off settling in somewhere and not trying to outrun the fallout because it increases your total exposure time if you are downwind. Ask Hub if I am wrong, please?

  • RabidAlien

    Exit stage left in a direction perpendicular to the prevailing winds (begs the question, if you’re close enough to see the cloud, are you far enough away to escape in time?). Find a sparsely populated area with high ground, good source of groundwater, and access to food supply (either hunting, fishing, farming, or a Hostess distribution point). Keep good inventory of available food and ammo, patrol to restock as necessary (this is also a good time to keep an eye open for the kids you left behind, as they will probably be quite cross. Or mutated. Either way….).

  • scottthebadger

    I suspect that the first mushroom cloud will be over Chicago, as that is the home town of the Weak Horse. Whom Allah wants humiliated for his arrogance.

  • John DuMond

    Golf courses. They will nuke golf courses. Our illustrious “leader” will be beside himself with anguish and unable to make a decision… Okay, come to think of it, he’s already unable to make a decision. I guess nuking golf courses would be a waste of WMDs. In that case, I’d say Hollywood would be the most likely target. Americans can’t survive without their celebrities. 😛

    • Ogrrre

      “Americans can’t survive without their celebrities.” Oh, we’d manage just fine. ISIS or ISIL, whatever they’re calling themselves this week, could do the nation a huge favor and do DC while Ear Leader is giving his State of the Union lies. Alternative targets could be San Francisco or Chicago, both of which are boils on the buttocks of humanity.

  • Nicole

    Truly, I ❤ your family. 🙂

  • The Queen

    This works with my twisted way of thinking….

  • Dan

    Dropping a bomb on Yellowstone or the San Andreas would have virtually no effect geologically. Simply not enough energy to make any difference when compared to the amount of energy required. It would have some health effects down wind of the site but the casualty numbers would be minimal compared to a major city. It WOULD have a massive effect politically with the country being locked down, martial law being imposed and the end of a free America arriving. Until Revolutionary War II overthrows those in power free America as it was would be gone forever.

    So IF and I say IF a bomb goes off somewhere like Yellowstone or Parkfield Ca….right at the fault….it will almost certainly be a false flag, NOT a terrorist attack.

    • RabidAlien

      Agreed. Terrorists will want the highest body-count possible, so I would expect a terrorist-planted nuke to go off in the middle of a large, well-populated city. New York, San Francisco, Chicago (I think at this point Detroit is safe). Popping one off in the wilderness will ensure the maximum SURVIVABILITY….more people to subjugate.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      Well, the hypothetical doesn’t wish to cause a lot of casualties right now. Just down the road. And it depends on which point of the fault you detonate, too. As for Yellowstone, the bomb would go off above ground, just to shake things a bit. People are best left to their paranoia 😉

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