Still Here, Sorta

These past few days have been a bit more hectic than usual. Eldest is getting ready to start her new adventure as a sailor, Son is beginning his senior year in high school, and Little One is in marching band. Meanwhile, I am slowly coming to grips with the fact that my baby is leaving in less than a month, so I have been reorganizing the house.

Room, by room.

It’s not easy. I keep finding baby photos, kids’ art, love notes, hospital ID bracelets (don’t ask), and sundry items detailing every year of their lives. I also found a pair of earrings I had been missing since 2009, so I have that going for me. Still, I need to find a better way to organize all of the mementos.

(We interrupt this post in order to pick up my new ceiling fan from Lowes, so have a funny.)

ruining games lol

Hopefully I will be back in the groove of spilling all sorts of weird crap entertaining y’all with my boring life exploits. Maybe. I am toying with the idea of moving Son to the upstairs and making his current room an office-slash-craft room. And perhaps I may get a formal dining set for the dining room, which currently holds the mouse cage and two kennels.


I just want my house to look normal. And don’t tell me that’s a setting on the washing machine. I watch HGTV.

So, lots on things on the horizon, mostly in the vain hope to keep from becoming too anxious over Eldest leaving home. And getting Son ready for college. And having to deal with Little One not being a baby any more. That usually calls for a box of Hostessโ„ข Cupcakes. Thank goodness they are back because otherwise it would be a box of wine ๐Ÿ˜€

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19 responses to “Still Here, Sorta

  • Cruel Wife

    “Normal” house? Your house is gorgeous in my opinion, whether you have a formal dining room or not. Get this. We just got a new couch and 2 recliners for the living room today, and what does M say? “Now the room looks unfinished.” I have one window pane stripped to the wood, four to go plus the door, unfinished window and door frames to paint, 2 bi-fold closet doors that don’t match anything anymore to refinish or paint, and no curtains or blinds, and she says that getting matching furniture NOW makes it look unfinished??? Kids!!!

    So sorry for your baby blues. That’ll be tough when our times comes.

  • xbradtc

    Hostess Cups of Wine.

  • GuyS

    A belated “Fair Winds and Following Seas” to your eldest! May her seafaring adventures become the stuff of legends. They do grow up faster than you want them to….and then they start forming independent thoughts …. and want to move out and start their own families…

    But as any one with grandkids knows…that is when you get your sweetest revenge!!! (And I know that is far. far, into the future….but spoiling grandkids is not a science.,,it’s an art!!)

    Anyhow, this old retired squid graduated from Great Lakes Recruit Training Command back in 1973….and I don’t think there is a single building (on the recruit side) standing which was there when I was. That is not to say we trained in black and while (color not having been invented yet) but it was a darn close call.

  • reiuxcat

    Wait! Navy? Wasn’t she thinking Air force?

  • Ogrrre

    It sounds like Col. Sith needs to buy you a dozen roses, a box of chocolates, a tub of Cookies and Cream ice cream, and a bottle of Vodka … maybe even Double Chocolate flavored vodka.

  • Ogrrre

    “I just want my house to look normal. And donโ€™t tell me thatโ€™s a setting on the washing machine. I watch HGTV.”
    I hate to bust your bubble, but what you see on tv, even HGTV, ain’t necessarily “normal”. Are the Kardashians “normal”? Or Survivor (even if it is supposed to be “reality” tv)?
    Doesn’t the house reflect the personality of the owner? Would YOU like to be “normal”? That would be so boring … and not nearly as amusing to us, your readers.

  • RabidAlien

    Heh. Just think….less kids, expenses go down, now you’ll have a lot more disposable income to invest in precious metals: lead, copper, and machetes.

  • Laura

    I debated having a dining room and then I remembered I don’t like people coming over eating my food so I had the wall knocked down and made it part of the kitchen.

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