Weekend Hijinks, and Why I Can’t Have a Chandelier

This past weekend was the sort-of-annual Rott Fest™, where members of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler blog get together to catch up and have fun. This year was no different. As we do every time at least two Rotties get together, we went to a gun range to expend a healthy amount of ammunition.

Actually this happens whether or not Rotties get together.

Anyway, esteemed K.o.R. Crunchie brought his Israeli friend Uzi for us to meet. I had met her before in Florida, but I needed a proper introduction in order to enjoy her charm. Boy howdy, was she fun. She ate 9mm with all the gusto of a coloratura soprano at a Thanksgiving feast. I almost needed a cigarette after that. Almost.

After the range, we retired to the hosts’ compound to enjoy a BBQ repast. Ok, we enjoyed an alcohol repast supplemented by BBQ. I finally got to meet long time FIF LC Staci so that was definitely a plus for me. She and I share an uncommon bond, especially when it comes to Urban Decay™. And jewelry, even home jewelry. Talking about non-weaponry items caused the gents’ eyes to glaze over, but it was still nice to talk about other things besides 9mm versus .45. She and I see eye-to-eye on the NEED of having a chandelier somewhere, anywhere in the house, but that is something Hubby will just not allow. Why? Because the room I want to put a chandelier in is the bedroom, and he is adamant on having a ceiling fan. But I may have found an acceptable compromise.


Yep, a floor lamp. I saw it on an HGTV show and now it is under my skin. Where I would put it, I have no idea. How I would buy it, no clue either. I foresee a project in my future.

So yes, we had a great time visiting old friends and making new ones, and once again I was foiled in my attempts to glamorize my bedroom. I will have to stick to the cursed ceiling fan. It’s a small price to pay for harmony 🙂


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