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Yes, yes… I realize I have been away from blogging at all of the sites I admin for a while. The end of the school year is upon us, and so is the usual military turnover. I hate that time of year. You make friends, you forge new ties, only to have distance try to render them asunder. Right now my kids are getting ready to enjoy the summer weeks before starting major life-defining years: one’s senior year, the other’s freshman year.

I am not ready for the drama. And there will be PLENTY of drama. Little One in high school guarantees it.

I am also not ready to be a band parent. When my sister was in the high school band, parents were encouraged to support not just the kids but also the band. Now it is mandatory to support the band. I will pay less in HOA dues per year than I will as a supportive band booster, and the only return I will get is a T-shirt. Don’t get me wrong: I support all of my kids’ endeavors. I just don’t appreciate being told I MUST be a member of an exclusive club to show it. Ok, rant over.

Anyway, the past week I have been trying to get the house streamlined and planning on moving Son to the upstairs bonus room. This is a major, MAJOR event. It’s almost reminiscent of the Brady Bunch episode where Greg and Marsha were fighting over the attic room. Not that the kids are fighting over it, but more like the undertaking of moving three rooms into two. Why? Because the bonus room is used as both a game room and a craft room, and in moving Son up I will have to forfeit my craft area for a while.

Unless I leave the game room up there with Son, and only move the craft stuff downstairs….



But I seriously doubt it will come to pass, because someone who shall remain nameless, namely Hubby, will want his own office space. It’s ok. I guess I can box up the stuff I don’t use and wait until the kids begin to leave the nest. Once they do, they become gusts in their own home, and I get the space I need for my crap. It’s a win-win, as far as I’m concerned 😀

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8 responses to “Busy Living

  • xbradtc

    My folks didn’t even wait for me to ship out to the Army before they started packing up my stuff and converting my room.

  • John DuMond

    Hey, maybe your support of the band is tax deductible? Gotta look for a silver* lining in that cloud, even if it’s a small one.

    You can check the current price per ounce here: http://www.monex.com/liveprices/

  • Critter

    Even if the expenses (and they are considerable) of being a band parent aren’t tax deductible, the psychotropic meds you’ll need after a year or so certainly are.

  • B.C.

    Welcome to the Band Parent Club. We’ve got window seats on the train to Hell. (Although the aisle seats are closer to the restrooms, the view is worth the extra bit of hassle.) I’m pretty sure there’s no tax deduction, since we just finished our taxes with our CPA (PhD friend from high school) and he didn’t mention that we’d be able to get any of the Danegeld back from the gun-toting thieves in DC

  • Gappa Guy

    do not let anyone tell that empty nest, is not a good thing….Yes, they will be guests but, you get your life “before kids” back.

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