Daily Archives: May 24, 2014

Crash and Burn

Last night, Eldest requested a favor from me. She asked me to have the oil changed in her vehicle because A) the check engine oil light came on, and 2) she was working through the holiday weekend and would have no chance to do so. Being a wonderful mom, I took the van in and had the oil and brake fluid changed.

I go the extra mile. Sometimes.

Anyway, I am in the waiting area, minding my own business as I play Words with Friends (looking at you, Mitchell), when a young gentleman decided to strike up a conversation. He was very well-mannered, with a nice drawl and looked to be about 26 or so. I am a horrible judge of age, but he was definitely way younger than I am. And I was way unavailable, apparently to his chagrin. It was a nice if odd stroke to the ego, I must admit. But no matter how high the feeling, eventually you crash back down. And so it came to pass after I got home.

Me: So, this young man was hitting on me at the Pennzoil place.

Hubby: Really?

Me: Yep, even dressed like this (sweatpants and shirt) and with no make up on. I haven’t even shaved my face yet.

Hubby: Did it make you feel good?

Me: Well, I was wigged out more than anything, to tell you the truth.

Hubby: Guess I shouldn’t have spent the money, then…


Ego suitably deflated while laughing hysterically. If you can’t poke fun at yourself, you aren’t living right. As an aside, his little barb gave me the impetus to go to the outlet mall.

Who’s laughing now? THIS GAL 😉