Daily Archives: May 14, 2014

I Have No Time Except For Sithy

At least, it feel like it.

In my infinite knowledge, I scheduled two doctor appointments for myself this week, plus Son’s orthodontics appointment for tomorrow. My sister is hosting her weekly BBQ get-together on Thursday, which is also Honors Night at the Jr. High. My niece’s wedding rehearsal dinner is on Friday, and Saturday is the big to-do, scheduled for nine hours, because we are sure going to have a great time, people! But before then, I have to finish decorating a box for cards for the wedding gift table, and finish getting the girls dresses ready. And in between this, I have to keep going over to the bank to deliver about 1,296 documents so we can refinance the house. So while I run all over South Central Texas, take time to enjoy a Sithy.

SW drinks lol

After this week, I bet I will need something a bit…darker. Have a great day! 😉