Gears, Grinding

There are just some things out there that defy explanation, even to a female such as myself. I say that because female logic is far different than actual logic.

We all know this. Best to acknowledge and move on.

hear misspellings lol

Why do some gals wear pink camouflage clothing? Are they hunting flamingos? Cotton candy? What??

Why is the word “asked” pronounced “axed” by some people? I don’t live in an episode of The Walking Dead.

Why do people ask if they can be honest with you? Wouldn’t you rather be slapped by the truth than kissed with a lie?

Why do kids insist on saying YOLO? You live every day. You die only once.

Anyway, I have been writing this ENTIRE post for over four hours. Actually more like six hours. I lost track of time and forgot I had been writing this morning. I blame Pinterest. And the dogs. Maybe a few squirrels as well. Hope y’all had a pleasant day πŸ™‚

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