Thursday Never List

I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging here in a few days. I’ve been having some health concerns and had to get all my ducks to the other side. Things are fine, but if you remember this, then you’ll understand. I am blessed with a recurrence and a fabulous outlook, because it could always be worse. Anyway, that’s over and done with and I can now get back to the regularly (pshaw!) scheduled blog.

Today’s list will be the last for a while. It gets harder and harder to do a Never List as I blog along. And I find lists to be like cheating. I do feel like I don’t put effort into a post when I do a list. Although it takes me FOREVER to think of a topic, so I have that going for me.

And you pay with rectangular bills.

And you pay with rectangular bills.

Things I Will Never Understand

#5– Ketchup on burgers but not on steak.

Unless the cow has two different genetic codes, I fail to see why you can’t eat steak with ketchup.

#4– Driving gloves.

Sure, some time back they were necessary. But the steering wheel has come a long way, baby.

#3– Lip scrub.

Your lip has some of the thinnest skin on your persona and you want to polish it?

#2– A tax hike is permanent but a tax cut is temporary.

And still, people don’t notice that.

#1– How some females use their gender to get out of a ticket.

Seriously, I don’t get how a woman could lower herself to that point, especially when she is in the wrong.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m off to take some Tylenolβ„’ because I am not supposed to have any blood thinning pain medication after having needles in my upper pectoral area. Now that you have that visual, I hope you can enjoy the rest of your Thursday πŸ˜‰

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18 responses to “Thursday Never List

  • Reiuxcat

    I hate geometry but my OCD and your triangle is making me twitch!

    But just to call it a sector doesn’t sound right at all. No wonder they cut it into rectangles up north.


  • Nicole

    I figure if I get pulled over for speeding, it’s simply my turn and I have no plans to try and charm my way out of it. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t work, I have no patience for that and I have deserved one for years, after all. πŸ™‚

  • RabidAlien

    Double-standards. “I demand you treat me this way, even though I treat you like crap.” Yeah…that’s at the top of my list. Well, its at the top of my Things I Despise In Life list. Whatever. Its on a list.

  • Critter

    Yes, there are people who eat ketchup on steak. But, we needn’t be seen in public with them.

  • Critter

    Oh, sweety. Gals don’t use their “gender” to try to get out of tickets, they use two other things. And i’m not talking about a little cleavage view either. You see, way back in the late Eocene, when i was a young and handsome rookie there were a couple of traffic stops wherein I approached the traffic offender, only to find a toothsome wench displaying her two powerful arguments as to why I should not write a citation. Giving it some thought, I wrote two tickets.

    Traffic enforcement is, mostly, about changing behavior: turning bad driving behavior into good driving behavior. Perhaps those two tickets will keep those two “arguments” under wraps.

  • Critter

    Somebody gave me driving gloves once. They worked pretty well as shooting gloves.

  • Mitchell

    No catsup on steaks. Burgers & steaks are NOT the same.

    I watched my sister wheedle her way out of a speeding ticket once. Not with sex appeal but with the water-works and contriteness. She got off with a warning. She had a heavy foot back in those days so it certainly wasn’t the first time, nor the last.

  • scottthebadger

    Pulling the female tears card has always been a guaranteed upgrade from verbal warning to ticket.

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