Brace Yourselves….

….because Easter is coming!!!

Not that you could tell with the weather. Apparently, Winter wants to enjoy Summer just as much as we do. But no matter. Soon enough we will be enjoying warmer weather and complaining about that, too.

One thing that Winter can’t stop is the coming of Easter and that means THE END OF LENT!! And you had better believe I am ready for it.

Very ready….

easter lolita

That’s for the brunch after church service. Mimosas will look AWESOME served in such glamour! And for the afternoon, a special gift from my dad. No clue what he is trying to tell me, though.

wine tumbler

Nope, not a clue. But it is handy. After a while, you just don’t want to mess with glass while drinking. So I hear. Anyway, a cold front has decided to come visit us, so I’m off to get groceries for the coming Apocalypse Week. We hit 40* F here and go on a wild buying binge for the probable end. We do freaking out well. It’s almost an art around here.

Hope y’all stay warm and cozy and have plenty of milk and eggs and bread 🙂

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