Daily Archives: March 21, 2014

Short Musings

Well, today started off a bit on the off side. The repairman was unable to come and finish the walls, so I am in the uncomfortable position of having to wait a bit longer to do my laundry, since the washer is positioned at an angle and difficult to use. Anyway, I got on to write a post today, but found that (W) decided to change the emoticons we use in our blogs. And of course, some of the emoticons are “secret”, so I had to play all afternoon trying to figure them out.

It was a sacrifice I was willing to make. But never again.

Look, I am a n00b when it comes to computers. I am no :developer: nor am I a genius. You know the whole “give a monkey a typewriter” thing? Well, that’s me, only not as cute. Don’t get me wrong. I ❤ writing, even writing just stuff that’s fluffy as a 🐻 is fun for me. But if pressure is involved, like in NaNoWriMo, forget it. You might as well pour me a |_| and leave me alone, because I would never come close to making a dent. Writing under pressure just doesn’t appeal to me. Writing nonsensical musings on a whim is totally different, and should always be celebrated. Of course, there are times when you come up with a clever 💡 and you have to run with it. Those times are few and far between for me, though.

Anyway, the ⭐ s are aligning for me, so I have to get going. It’s Friday, and still Lent, so I’m making rainbow trout for dinner. Easter seems like a long way off to me.

I wish I could have a 🌯 and wash it down with a 🍸 .