Daily Archives: March 12, 2014

Hole in the Wall

Would that I referred to a great little eaterie.

Unfortunately, today is the day for home repair. A while back, a certain fist flew and attacked a poor, defenseless wall, causing the wall to suffer a terrible loss of gypsum. A hasty bandage in the form of a calendar was applied until such time as surgery to replace the drywall could be performed.

Let this be a lesson to NEVER get me upset*.

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to find a gentleman who specializes in covering up drama driven fury general home repair. So today the hole will be patched, along with some dents around the house, and a few broken tiles. As a bonus, he will return once the weather is back to being Texan and do the mortar outside along the brick edge. Age is taking its toll on the house, I suppose. I’m just glad I hired someone to do the repairs. Because if it had been up to me, I would have used Lego™ bricks and E-6000™.

lego repair lol

Of course, seeing the tile being replaced is giving me the urge to have it ripped out and have wood flooring done. And by “urge”, I mean “all consuming need”. But since this won’t be my retirement home (see what I did there??), I’ll probably just keep to repairing it and concentrate on saving up for the important stuff, like kids’ college and Le Creuset™ pots. And Lolita™ glasses. Drinking out of the bottle is so 80’s. That, and if I do drink out of the bottle people start calling me selfish. It’s a small sacrifice to make.

Have a great Wednesday, and remember to be kind to your walls 😀

* I didn’t actually punch the wall. A wayward ladder being carried clumsily by yours truly did. But being the bigger person, I take responsibility. I’m magnanimous that way.