Thursday Never List

Today’s scribbly fluff deals with kindness. As a mom, I find it challenging to teach my kids how to be kind for kindness’ sake. It’s challenging because there are times when I want to go Rambo on some idiot taking up space at the dairy section, trying to decide if his soon-to-be carcass needs 2% or 1% milk. Seriously, is there such a life-threatening difference?? But it wouldn’t do to act like that in front of kids, or anyone for that matter. Nor would it do to be hostile to someone you don’t know simply because you are in a hurry to get creamer because you haven’t had your daily allotment of coffee.

Anyway, I understand there are times when it is very difficult, almost near impossible, to be kind. But there a some things which we should never pass up doing randomly for others.

baby blues manners

#5– Never forget to wave

A simple acknowledgement like a hand wave goes a long way to make someone feel appreciated.

#4– Never forget to look behind you

Watching out for others makes one incredibly considerate.

#3– Never respond in anger

You can never take back words once spoken. Also, you can never take back words typed after hitting “send” or “enter”. Always read or think before you act.

#2– Never forget “Please” and “Thank you”

People aren’t your subjects, so don’t treat them like they are.

#1– Never forget to smile

People feel much better when they smile, and when it is returned. As a bonus, they will wonder if you are up to something.

There are many ways to show kindness to others. And by showing kindness, we get it in return.

Unless you are at the DMV. Then it’s a crap shoot πŸ˜‰

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