Daily Archives: February 9, 2014

Sunday Sithy

Do you ever wake up disoriented from a weird dream and feel the dream follows you when you’re awake?

That’s how my day started.

Last night I fell asleep watching The Fifth Element, and woke up to Mimic, and of course cockroaches with Jean Paul Gauthier costumes were involved in my dream. And as all of humanity was succumbing to the giant cockroaches’ will to rule the galaxy (I think that’s from Men in Black) while infiltrating our brains (maybe The Wrath of Khan), all I could think about is how they got such tiny rooster feathers to fit around the necks of their fur coats. So, this morning as I go to the kitchen to feed the Sheltie, I see a weird shaped leaf on the tile and immediately freak out because it looks like a cockroach sporting a cane. But it was just a leaf with a stem. Once again, this is why I shouldn’t eat sweets late in the evening.

So, here’s a Sithy to cleanse the insect fashion palate.

maury vader lol

My late BIL Draco would have snorted his coffee out his nose at that 😀

Hope y’all have a wonderful Sunday!!