Snowday, Texas Style

Today we are enjoying a snowday, that rarest of holidays here in South Texas.

By “snowday”, I mean there is ice on the ground and the vehicles are iced shut. And by “enjoying”, I mean the kids are testing my patience.

Snowdays down here are nothing compared to what Michiganders endure. I am sure they are laughing at us down here for shutting down schools and businesses, but the reality is we are not savvy drivers on icy roads. Heck, rain freaks us out. So better safe at home than sorry wrapped around a light pole.

Of course, Michiganders would probably melt down here in the spring, so we have that going for us.

But I am ready for Winter to go away.

die winter die lol

Soooooooo done with winter. I want to feel the sun as it turns the asphalt into a mushy mess. I want to see flowers bloom in the adversity that is a Texas summer. I want to see water boil off the sidewalk. I’m getting nostalgic just thinking about it. If we humans could hibernate, I wouldn’t have such an issue with the cold. Or with shaving my legs.

Anyway, I hope that wherever you are, you are keeping warm and safe, and stabbing winter in the head 😉

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23 responses to “Snowday, Texas Style

  • thejackpinesavage

    Hmm, why all the mentions of Michiganders?
    Do ya miss me That much Aggie? :p

    We got an additional 2″ of new snow overnight on top of the 4 feet or so since Mid November. Overnight low? a balmy – 12* Our “high” temp today will be around Zero.

    Someone find Al Bore, so I can slap the crap out of him.

  • Cruel Wife

    The mention of Michiganders comes from us, the LemurKings, who dared to visit southern Texas in August. For the record, we did not melt, and one desert transplant to Michigan reveled in the dry heat (me!). The rest of them were wilting a bit in the 100+ temps, though. In return, we like to tease our lovely southern rose about what she considers “cold”. Would you believe she refuses to visit us in January? Heh heh heh…

    We happen to be experiencing -25 F wind chills today because of the weather. School was cancelled thankfully, given the wind chill is within the frostbite region. This has been a nasty cold winter, even by Michigan standards. You joke about Texas people not knowing how to drive in snow, but I would posit that Michiganders do not either. When it gets this cold, salt does not melt the snow and these people have no clue how to drive safely on snow pack, slush, or scree (what I call the tiny super-hard snowbits that act like slippery sand on the road). At least, that applies for the Loopers (Lower Penninsula). The Yoopers (Upper Penn) know *everything* there is to do with snow.

    Jokes aside, drive safe and stay indoors if you can. Snow in Texas is a lot like snow in Seattle (SE WA is my old stomping grounds). Lots of people end up getting hurt because they aren’t used to driving in the snow…unless they are skiers. 🙂

    • LC Aggie Sith

      HAHAHAHAHA!!! I did think of y’all when you were visiting 😀

      I don’t envy your weather, ever. It could be a glorious 75* F and clear skies and STILL I would be too cold up there 😉

  • bandersnatch45

    I’m comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. Currently sitting in a tree stand watching bucks chase a doe in the 30* weather and it feels rather balmy here in lower Alabama. Haven’t even put on my heavy gloves yet. :p

  • Nicole

    The more winter I live through the more I become convinced that I can visit the change of seasons and live where it is about 70-80 year-round.

  • terribletroy

    Central Illinois…. freaking blowing snow and sub zero temps….looking forward to visiting Texas in June (hope to see ya if you guys can make it)

    I am sooooooo moving South once the Son is done with School. 4 yrs and counting….

  • bradenmikael

    Got more coming in my neck of the woods. I am done with Winter, too. Enough already!

    On a side note, I nuked my blog, by accident. Had to start over. LOL

  • scottthebadger

    Expected high of -8, -45 with wind chill in Baraboo today! Viking Badgers laugh at such things, crawl back in bed, and turn the electric blanket up a notch!

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