Daily Archives: January 13, 2014

That Last Nerve

I try to be easy going and patient. Some people say I am the most patient person they know. That doesn’t mean I’m a saint. That just means I drive other people insane in a more subtle manner. It’s a gift, not a curse. Anyway, there are some things out there in the intertubewebnets that do try my patience, sometimes to the point where I am screaming to myself.

The fox doesn’t say any of those things.

Quit hoping to find Prince Charming. Start hoping you find those animals that really like housekeeping.

Yes, everything happens for a reason. Just remember that sometimes the reason is stupidity.

The five second rule for food is a myth. Especially if you have a two second dog.

Always try to be Harry Potter awesome, not Twilight awesome.

And with that, I hope y’all have a great Monday. As for me, I’m off to go clean house.

Apparently the forest creatures are either on strike or on vacation 😀