Daily Archives: January 9, 2014

Thursday Never List

Some days ago, I was cooking dinner and manage to catch Little One in a mood to help. It doesn’t happen often, so when it does I take full advantage of it and basically turn her in the Sous Chef. The irony here is that she is my picky eater, and wasn’t going to eat dinner that night. Of course, that didn’t stop me from putting her to work. Anyway, I asked her to get the dill, and she brought me two jars.

LO: Here you go, Mom.

Me: We have two jars of dill? Both open??

LO: No, we have four.

Me: So why bring out two?

LO: One for each hand?

Me: *rolls eyes*

Apparently, we are fans of dill around here. And it got me to thinking about what else I have in my spice hoard. And what spices I just can’t do without.

spice jars2

#5– Pepper

All kinds. Except Jolokia. No joke.

#4– Oregano

I love it for most ethnic dishes, especially Puerto Rican ones.

#3– Thyme

The best part, aside the flavor, is hearing the mispronunciation.

#2– Paprika

Sweet or sharp, but especially sweet.

#1– Rosemary

Alone or in Herbs de Provence, the fragrance and flavor are sublime.

So there you have it: spices I can NOT do without. You may wonder why dill isn’t listed. Well, that’s because Eldest is responsible for that particular hoard. I’m only responsible for the jars, packets, and tins of Herbs de Provence and paprika.

All ten of them 😀