I Need a Tauntaun

Wholly carp is it cold out.

I wasn’t going to write about the weather, because everyone is writing or talking about it. I mean, it’s obviously THERE to discuss, right? Still, it sure put a crimp on the week. I’m just glad it wasn’t bad enough to close the schools. I don’t think we could have handled that very well. Scratch that. I know we wouldn’t have.

tauntaun luke warm

I would settle for lukewarm right now. I would also settle for Mark Hamill, but that’s not for a family-friendly blog. Anyway, this cold weather means I get to bake a lot, because using the oven is a great way to suffuse the living area with heat. Also, cookies and cake FTW!! (I would make a pie, but the apples all got eaten). So think of tropical islands and jalapeΓ±os to keep warm.

It could be worse. You could be in Canada πŸ˜‰


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