Daily Archives: December 27, 2013

Atomic Entertaining

Yeah, that title is a bit misleading. But it’s my blog and I liked it. Anyway, it’s a reference to what some people call “atomic cocktails”, those drinks made popular during the 50’s and 60’s, at the height of the nuclear ‘duck-and-cover’ stage.

While I was home for Christmas, my mom made mention of ALL the kitchen stuff I have given her over the years. Frankly, I was appalled it was that much. I think only the pots and pans weren’t from me. Anyway, up high in the cabinet she had these glasses that were given to my parents as wedding gifts.

Back in 1965.

And as y’all know, everything old is new again, only more expensive. Those glasses evoked a lot of memories, mostly of my uncles drinking and carousing, but still fond memories. Trust me: there is nothing more awesome than listening to your uncles and your dad singing around the hibachi. NOTHING!!! It hurt to see the glasses just gathering dust. My mom, ever practical, told me to take them, so she could have more room for more stuff.


Are they not AWESOME??? Yes, yes they are. And you can bet your poodle skirt and bobby socks they will get used. I don’t care if it’s for parfaits and sodas, either. Every day is special, right?? So yes, I shall be wearing my retro apron and my pearls and heels as I serve Hubby his Cuba Libre tonight.

He’ll probably think I’m crazy, but he won’t care after I serve him the drink and bring him his slippers 😉