It’s HOW LONG Until Christmas???

You know, I was done with shopping.

And then the kids made their lists.

And now I am at a loss.


I am lucky to have kids that are pretty low maintenance, though. One year, Son only wanted some tin of slime from ThinkGeek. Little One wanted a few manga books. Eldest is content with a sundial.

They may be odd, but still low maintenance.

As for me, I am happy to say I don’t need or want anything. I have enough pots, and now makeup, and Lord knows I got a ton of nail polish, so I’m pretty happy if I don’t get anything.

superbling christmas

Not a darn thing.

Sigh….time to go look for a sextant or whatever is on the list this year.

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29 responses to “It’s HOW LONG Until Christmas???

  • RabidAlien

    I’m pretty easy to shop for for Christmas, too….”ammo” or “Amazon gift card”. Done.

  • xbradtc


    Which, yeah, I get that might not be appropriate for the kids.

  • Lemur King

    Should kids really be exposed to sextants at such a young age?

    Maybe something steamy but not hardcore like a GPS?

    No, no, no, I did not say that. A sextant is like way cool. And some Icelandic Spar in case they are sailing in that neighborhood.

    • LC Aggie Sith

      Don’t bring Iceland into this. Eldest will never shut up.

      • RabidAlien

        Dangit, LK…I was gonna tackle the whole “sextant” thing once I finished up a challenge posted by Erin Palette over on book of faces (rewriting Bohemian Rhapsody with a medieval/D&D twist….I call my version “Bohemian RPG”). Well played, though, sir!

          • RabidAlien

            Its on Erin’s FB, if she posts it on her site (she threatened to sing it if someone made it…..well….its made….), I’ll link it here.

          • LC Aggie Sith

            I think the epicness is at least of seven orders of magnitude 😀

          • Lemur King

            Link it, RA. Or email it to me.

          • RabidAlien

            Well, guess its not like Erin owns the rights to it (still want to hear her sing it, though…). So here goes. And be forewarned, it only got like two ‘likes’. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya:

            BOHEMIAN RPG

            Is this the real life?
            Or DM’s fantasy…
            Caught in a storyline (no escape from the dragon’s cave)
            Roll of the dice, open my eyes to see…
            I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
            Because I’m a fighter lad, big and bad, roll ‘em high ‘till they’re dead
            Anyway the game goes, doesn’t really matter to me…..XP!!!

            Mama, I just killed a man
            Jammed my sword into his guts, split ‘im straight from head to nuts
            Mama, campaign had just begun…when I went and threw a 20 straight away!
            Mama, oooooooooooooh,
            Didn’t mean to make you cry, if I’m not back again this time tomorrow
            Send some chips, and some dip….caffeine really matters.

            Getting’ late, my time has come, gotta order Dominoe’s, its my turn, that’s how it goes.
            Good luck, everybody, I’ve got some dough! Y’all want wings DON’T TOUCH MY DICE!
            Mama, ooooooh…
            I just found some loot and divvied up XP.

            I see a little silhouette of a man
            Halberd up! Halberd up! It shall cleave right through his armor!
            Thunderbolts and lighting, wizards are annoying me
            Kill the caster (kill the caster) kill the caster (kill the caster) kill the caster there he goes!
            I’m just a nerd/geek everybody laughs at me
            (he’s just a nerd/geek from an average family)
            Spare him his life from a poor DM’s glee!

            Easy come, easy go, another kobold goes
            You Get XP. But never any gold!
            Give me gold!
            You Get XP. But never any gold!
            Give me gold!
            Okay have some gold!
            Gold gold gold gold gold gold gold!
            Oh DM, DM, DM,
            DM, DM gave me gold!
            He has a +1 sword set aside for me…for me…for me!!!!

            (DM solo)

            So you think you can feed me and loot me all night?
            So you think you need treasure and magical might?
            Ooh, player, say a prayer player, cuz I got surprises, I got a dragon right here!

            (player ends)

            Nothing really matters. Anyone can see.
            Nothing really matters. Nothing really matters.
            To me.
            (dragon wiped the party.)

          • Lemur King

            Terrific. Awesome. And the dragon won. (Sniff). I love an epic story like that.

          • RabidAlien

            Yeah, I’m sorta a classical romanticist that way. 🙂

            (although, in my limited pencil-n-paper dice-chucking gaming days, I did play a character who managed to talk an ‘effin green dragon out of part of his hoard. Played a muscle-bound fighter who had a speech impediment, so he talked like your typical caricature of a caveman, but had an Intel of 12. That was one awesome scene! Plus, the other players ensured that I had a very large amount of dragon loot AND full XP for killing a dragon, since nobody had ever seen someone frustrate a DM enough to have the dragon just fly away. :sigh: Fond memories.)

          • RabidAlien

            🙂 Great minds, and all that rot!

  • Ogrrre

    Aggie, honey, give your kids the same wonderful gift I get each year: a bundle of switches and a lump of coal. Well, last year’s lump was more like a mountain. I swear, that Santa Claus holds a grudge! Bust him in the ass ONE TIME with a load of rock salt, and he’ll never forget. He’s as bad as my ex-wife.

  • Nicole

    At least they want interesting things.

  • ArmedGeek

    I’ve never been much of a ‘gift’ person. I mean the stuff I want is usually pricey and that’s not the sort of thing i’d want someone else buying me.

    That said, booze is always awesome. And I have had people really surprise me with gifts that I’d never think to ask for but are awesome anyhow.

  • ArmedGeek

    oh hellz yeah … that should keep Booze of the Week covered!

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