Daily Archives: December 6, 2013

Not Getting Down on This Friday

I live in the South. We get maybe two weeks of “cold” weather. And by “cold” I mean mid to high 40s.

For those of you who think I am a silly whiner, keep in mind we tend to be Sun’s next door neighbor for about eight months, and do quite enjoy 98* F in the shade. So there.

Anyway, we are in the middle of a winter storm which has brought ice and snow to the northern part of my fair state, and is pushing it THIS WAY. Have I mentioned I hate cold weather? Because I do. But the worst part? Possible school cancellation.

I don’t think I could deal well with that.

I suppose that the worst part about cold weather for me stems from my inability to sleep well when I am not warm enough. Usually I have to have a sheet, blanket, and not one but TWO down throws on my side of the bed. Hubby is a human furnace so he eschews all the down and the comforter as well. You would think that because he is so warm that I would be warm as well. But no. I need the piles of linens. If I am too cold I get nightmares, such as the one I had last night where I was walking through a park, wearing a cape and using a walking stick, and came upon some polar bears who were on vacation from the Arctic and yelled that I was encroaching on their vacation spot so they decided to have some Puerto Rican food because I was so stupid as to try to pet the alpha male. Thankfully I woke up right then.

So for my friends near and far, keep warm and stay safe. And don’t forget to get milk and eggs 😉