Conversations With the Sheltie

She’s not technically my dog. But that doesn’t stop her from acting like it.

Every morning it’s the same conversation. I get up, and she jingles over to my door in expectation that her mistress will cater to her needs. I give her some kibble, and after she inhales it she runs over to the door and barks her command.


(Open the door, NOW!!)

Once she is done, she lets me know, again…


(I’m DONE!!)

Then she waits patiently for 7 AM. Why? Because Son’s friend comes over to pick him up.



Then Hubby makes an entrance into the kitchen, and she shuts up. She knows better than to rile him early. But once he walks out to the car, she starts up again.


(There is a person WALKING OUTSIDE!!!)

Whereupon she runs away from any perceived threat, yipping like she has new vocal chords. It’s a good thing the house quietens down after a while. I would hate to do impromptu surgery on a dog. πŸ˜€

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10 responses to “Conversations With the Sheltie

  • Jess

    Your heart would break if she wasn’t there each morning to help with starting your day.

  • Lemur King

    Funny, but I loved that pup.

    She was so eager to chase the ball and regularly came over to see how I was doing. If you had said “take her” I could not have refused.

    And she likes spicy pork rinds. What’s not to love?

  • BG

    I still miss her! I am worried though, that she might get carried away by an eagle up here. =o

  • thejackpinesavage

    Your morning sounds a lot like mine, except with a pair of 80 pound pit bulls, so the yips translate to Woof!

  • terribletroy

    For some unknown reason I open my eyes at 5 each morning whether I want to or not. So I get up, get coffee, and go into the “study”. The study has a baby gate on the doorway to prevent my tea cup yorkie from entering and doing bad things on my footwear. Anyway, after waking the dog will present at the gate and will make various noises to get my attention until I pick it up, cradle it in my lap, pet its belly and sing the morning love song. This takes all of 30 seconds and then it runs off and goes back to bed.

    Whenever I come home, both dogs will meet me at the door. I have a cairn terrier who gets so excited that on my arrival she has to get her bone so she wont bark. She cant bark with a bone in her mouth but she still is so excited that she makes high pitched waaaa ooo ooo noise. Once inside I have to put down my stuff and we meet in the same spot off the kitchen where they both must receive “good doggy” love at the same time for about 30 seconds and then they are good. It is part of our “routine”.

    As I age, I find that I like most critters way more than I do most humans..

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