Daily Archives: November 16, 2013

The Ides of November

Well, due to circumstances beyond his control, my friend Tiberius will be my guest for the remainder of his stay in our fair country. And by country, I mean Texas. And good thing, too. We had a great itinerary the last time he was with us.

And we completed it ALL.

That’s right. Even #10 was completed. And the chances of THAT one were infinitesimal. And I do mean itty bitty tiny.

So now we have to find other stuff to do.

  • Vineyard tour and wine tasting: Scheduled.
  • Glass bottom tour: Scheduled.
  • Gun range: Scheduled.
  • Riverwalk: Scheduled.
  • Moar gun range: Scheduled.
  • Birthday shenanigans: Scheduled.
  • Cavern adventure tour: Scheduled.
  • Anything else that comes up: Scheduled.
  • Thanksgiving feast: Scheduled X2.

That’s right: we are having not one, but TWO Thanksgiving feasts. Why? Because we are blessed with so many friends and family and there ain’t no house that can contain such bounty. Anyway, time for me to get going. The tours won’t wait, and neither will we 😀