Daily Archives: November 15, 2013

Thursday Never List for Friday

Running late, because the White Rabbit is off smoking a hooka or something.

And by that I mean I had to pick up Tiberius from the airport and clean house beforehand. At least I cleaned the kids’ bathroom.

So here’s a list of random Nevers for y’all.

floor lol

Random Never List

#5– Never Go Anywhere Without ID

I cannot stress the importance of this. Especially in Bangkok.

#4– Never Pass Up the Opportunity to Dance

There is no such thing as a bad dancer when you are enjoying yourself, Elaine.

#3– Never Give Up Your Principles

They are worth far more to you than to others.

#2– Never Confuse Kindness With Flattery

The results can be bad. Really bad.

#1– Never, Ever Pass Up a Good Thing


Hope y’all have a wonderful Friday 😉