Daily Archives: October 30, 2013

Hostess with the Hostess Cupcakes

Sorry for my absence around here. I have been busy hosting our internet friend Tiberius this week. It was rather unexpected but very welcomed, though cramming a bunch of stuff in six days is proving to be a challenge.

This has been the proposed itinerary:

  1. Find acceptable costume with which to scare little kids: Check.
  2. Stock up the bar with booze to try: Check.
  3. Tour the caverns and make fun of idiots on the road: Check.
  4. Try Tex-Mex food: Scheduled.
  5. Stock up on chocolate candy: Check.
  6. Gorge on junkfood: scheduled.
  7. THE ALAMO: Damn skippy it’s scheduled.
  8. Meet up with internet friends: Scheduled.
  9. Gun range: Scheduled.
  10. Attend autopsy*: Um, scheduled….

This is just for this week. He plans on coming back and staying for Thanksgiving. Apparently, Australians don’t have a similar celebration. Unless you count Julia Gillard’s ousting. Everyone was thankful for that.

So, things are busy and fun. And tomorrow will be popping what with last minute Halloween stuff. So if y’all will excuse me, I’m off to finish making my wand 😉

*Not mine, so there.