Off to a Great Start

As some of y’all know, I have been sick this past week. I had the ‘flu and didn’t know it.

Thus proving moms are superhuman.

Anyway, this morning I went to put up last nights dishes, and found the lid to my vintage Pyrex© dish was broken in shards. Son had forgotten to gather and take out the trash. Dogs decided to run outside in the mud because the grass is too wet with dew or something. And then Lenny just had to rush back out the front door, because hey, the garbage collectors were taking OUR TRASH. No, she ran in the mud, not the street. And I just remembered the day-old laundry in the washer.

tuesday lol

And yet it’s still a great day. Why? Because *I* could have been broken, or trashed, or muddied, or stinky. And it’s always a good day when you realize that you are none of those things, and that those things are small and don’t control your life in any way.

Remember the blessings, and ignore the crap. Unless you happened to step on it while chasing psycho dogs. Then just wipe it off and move on 😉

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