The Good Ol’ Days

Lately, I have been on a technology hating kick. I hate my cellphone, I hate my cordless phone, intensely dislike the remotes to the TV, despise the remotes to the sound system, and want to stab the infernal video game systems.

The laptop gets a pass for now, though.

You may be wondering what set this off. Mostly, human nature did. Little One likes to control the TV remotes and hides them so that no one else can change the channel from whatever tripe she is watching. Hubby likes to put the sound system on very loud, as most men like to do. The video games suck life from those who play them. The kids take the cordless phone to some part of the house and forget to place them back on the cradle. That means they are NOT CHARGED when I need it. And as for the cellphone, I just plain hate the texting. One text or two to confirm something is fine. An ENTIRE conversation is a pain in the lower backside. But the worst part??


How is pressing the end call button supposed to provide satisfaction on that score?? How am I supposed to relay my complete and utter ire at the receiver if I can’t throw it down?? Of sure…. one could argue you can just chuck the phone away, but then I would be providing a free cellphone to an unsuspecting passer-by. Along with unlimited texting, apparently. So no, I shall keep the phone and learn to not answer everything.

But in the meantime, I will be scouring the flea market and thrift stores for an old-fashioned, corded phone. One that is heavy and bulky and can NOT be lost in the house. And one that doesn’t come with an answering machine πŸ˜‰

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