Get On My Lawn!!

Some of y’all may know, I love flamingos. Every trip to the zoo begins with me taking a photo by my pink feathered friends. I must have dozens of photos, and all of them show my gradual deterioration maturity. Who knew Photoshopโ„ข was relatively new?


Sad to say, I don’t have any flamingo lawn ornaments. My HOA frowns on kitsch, even though a guy down the street has a veritable concrete menagerie in his front lawn. But I guess concrete deer are more realistic around these parts than a flock of flamingos. Anyway, while perusing the social-site-with-faces, a friend posted the most awesome thing since Big Mouth Billy Bass:


zombie flamingos

Behold the epicness!!

You can not imagine the SQUEES OF GLEE that emanated from me yesterday. Actually, they sounded more like something from a horror movie, but that’s more fitting anyway. There are several different styles, including this one, but I liked the ones above found here. Why? Because they have TEETH, which makes them even more ridiculous. And we always go for the ridiculous here.

This year I am definitely decorating my yard for Halloween. But I’m thinking these babies will be year-round ๐Ÿ˜‰

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22 responses to “Get On My Lawn!!

  • Laura

    I wanted to pick up a pair for the pool area just last week! Sadly, I decided against it.

  • Lemur King

    That is so awesome I am giddy.

    They should have entrails hanging out of their beaks.

    I neeeeeeeeed flamiiiiiiingooooooes…

  • Ogrrre

    Ms. Sith, you are a sick, sick individual. I like that.

  • TerribleTroy

    Flamingos the creature…fine. But for me, unless you live in a restored vintage 1950 mobile home I dont have a deep appreciation for plastic stuff in the yard. This includes but is not limited to Santa’s, Snowmen, Candles, flamingos, pumpkins, the baby jesus, etc etc. But thats just me, I don”t look down on those that do appreciate them. And my opinion only extends to the “front” yard. The back yard is a different story. Same goes for the cowboy and deer silhouettes one see’s around. I strive for a home appearance that people don’t use as a landmark for directions to other places…..”go until you see the house with the baby jesus and plastic camels in the yard then take your next left….unfortunately my better half has discovered “crafting” so I now have a plethora of shite in my yard that makes mowing problematic.

    Damn you to hell PINTREST! (or whatever its called)

    • LC Aggie Sith

      I cannot confirm nor deny this “crafting” business.

      As to the plastic stuff, I don’t decorate my yard at all. Heck, if I could manage to keep them tethered to my front yard and afford to feed them shrimp, I would have LIVE ones ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Guy S

    They’re creepy and they’re kooky,
    Mysterious and spooky,
    They’re altogether ooky,
    The Aggie Family.

    Their house is a museum.
    When people come to see ’em
    They really are a screa-um.
    The Aggie Family.




    So get a witch’s shawl on.
    A broomstick you can crawl on.
    We’re gonna pay a call on
    The Aggie Family.

    Thought with the zombie theme of this post, as well as it nearing “Hallooow-een” [/Karloff]

    You might just want a theme song!!

  • Mike Hawk

    (Bird and other game hunter)

    On another note:
    Plastic lawn ornaments in dark colors are frowned upon in many parts, IYKWIMAITYD. I’d suggest staying with pink to avoid any labels associated with the sport that defines NASCAR.

  • Nicole

    I saw those the other night and had them in my shopping cart only to be thwarted by my laziness when I would have had to get up and get a card to pay with… Glad someone I know has them!!!

  • Reiuxcat

    For the lawn sports enthusiast.

  • John D

    Your HOA sounds kinda strict. Not sure if I could survive under such iron-fisted rule. You mentioned that they’re not too keen on lawn ornaments. But how are they about broken washing machines and rusted-out cars up on cinderblocks? Are they acceptable front yard accoutrements? ‘Cause if they’re not, I totally couldn’t live there. ๐Ÿ˜›

    BTW, love the zombie flamingos.

  • RabidAlien

    Heh. Reminds me of a story of a guy in Orlando, back when I was there for Navy schooling (yikes…that was sooooo last century! I’m officially old.). Guy had a love of flamingos, and he and his HOA went around and around about all of his plastic flamingos in his front yard. HOA finally took it to court, where the judge decided that, yes, there was a clause stipulating only two yard ornaments, and while plastic flamingos weren’t specifically mentioned, they were to be considered “yard ornaments” and he would have to limit his lawn to just two. So, the next morning, he had two pink plastic flamingos on his front yard…angled to stare up at the thirty or so remaining ones that he had moved to his roof. HOA exploded, but the judge (again) ruled that, yes, he was in compliance with the reinterpreted HOA agreement regarding lawn ornamentation. About six weeks later, the city kindly asked him to take them down and relocate them to his back yard, as the massively increased road traffic of people coming to gawk was tearing up the streets and causing problems. He moved them to his back yard, since they asked nicely.

  • Mitchell

    Saw this and thought of you. Enjoy!

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